Xiaomi introduced a large 20-inch drawing tablet for less than 2000 rubles

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The Chinese company Xiaomi has presented a large 20-inch drawing tablet Mi Home LCD. The gadget is designed primarily for children – preschoolers and younger students, but can also be used by adults as a desktop planner.

The model supports the ability to draw both with a complete stylus weighing only 7 gramsand with your fingers. Moreover, the surface is able to react to the force of pressing – the harder you press, the thicker the line turns out. A magnetic stylus holder is provided on the body of the device.

The gadget boasts outstanding autonomy – if you clean the board screen with a special hardware button 100 times every day, then one battery charge will last for a whole year of operation! The light weight of the device allows you to fix it on the wall with double-sided tape and use it as a chalkboard. The gadget is priced at only $ 22, that is, about 1,624 rubles at the current exchange rate. Mi Home LCD sales will start tomorrow, September 2nd.

And yesterday Samsung released the fastest solid state drive for home computers.

Source: Xiaomi

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