World’s first 360-hertz gaming laptops introduced

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The US brand Alienware, owned by Dell, has unveiled its latest high-performance gaming laptops – the Area-51m R2 and m17 R3. These models are interesting because they were the first commercial notebooks equipped with displays with a record refresh rate of 360 Hz.

The devices have the same 17.3-inch screens with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The older version of the Area-51m R2 is based on the flagship Intel Core i9 processor. Presumably, we are talking about the Core i9-10900K chip, which received ten cores with the ability to process twenty instruction streams simultaneously. The base clock speed of the processor is 3.7 GHz, and in Turbo Boost mode, it is capable of accelerating to 5.3 GHz.

To process graphics, various models of NVIDIA GeForce RTX video cards are used here. More affordable model Area-51 m17 R3 is based on mobile versions of Intel processors with index H and HK. Other characteristics of new products will be announced later. And yesterday it became known that the manufacturer of Russian processors “Baikal” is demanding compensation of more than half a billion rubles.

Source: Alienware

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