Which smartwatch to buy in early autumn 2020, so as not to regret

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A smart watch is a type of gadget that causes a lot of controversy and discussions on the topic of its appropriateness. Some argue that for that kind of money, you can buy decent mechanics even from a reputable manufacturer. Others say that the age of mechanics has passed and now users need more advanced and functional things. To me, the arguments on both sides seem convincing, and so I often switch from one type of watch to another. Moreover, I have enough of both. This time we will not discuss the pros and cons of smartwatches, but just see what you can buy now, so as not to regret the money spent.

Smart watches have ceased to be a luxury and have become a necessity.

How to choose a smart watch

First of all, you need to understand whether you need a smart watch. If you want to buy an inexpensive gadget in order to track your daily steps and receive notifications from your phone, just buy a fitness bracelet. It will be much cheaper, more compact, lighter and more suitable for sports.

Why I’d rather buy a fitness bracelet instead of a smartwatch. Just like that.

The watch is already a more serious gadget. In some cases, it is even almost a “smartphone on the wrist”. It can have GPS, a microphone for talking on the phone, and even a built-in player with speaker. Such a gadget is more like those who want a smartwatch, and not just some kind of electronic replacement for the usual mechanics.

Montana clock

Not everyone will understand, but many will remember. It was once cooler than any smartwatch. The same “Montana”.

I myself am more for the watch, although I also have a bracelet, but I do not use it very often. If you agree with me and are also more interested in watches, then here are some examples of great models that are relevant at the time of this writing.

Xiaomi already has more popular smartphones than Samsung and this is just the beginning

Amazfit GTS – a smartwatch similar to Apple Watch

These watches can be purchased at a price of 9,000 rubles, which is not at all expensive compared to competitors and simply more expensive analogues. At the same time, they are almost the best value for money from everything on the market.

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The battery life of this device is up to 14 days, but it greatly depends on how you use the watch and what functions you prefer. For example, GPS can “kill” the battery in just a day.

Amazfit GTS

Never Apple Watch …

In terms of features, the Amazfit GTS includes a standard suite of smart phone notifications, fitness activity tracking for running, walking, cycling and more, and also has shallow diving water protection. Therefore, you can go with this watch to the pool or just frolic on the beach without any problems.

In conclusion, you can add that there are several color options and straps that everyone can choose for themselves. I have come across this watch and my only significant gripe with it is that it, in my opinion, has a too dim display.

Are the straps from Xiaomi Mi Band 4 suitable for Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Huawei Watch GT2 – the optimal smartwatch

After the first generation of Huawei Watch GT, which, in my opinion, was stupid and differed little from the tracker (although it was nicely done), the company released a full-fledged work on the errors, which is still on sale and costs about 12,000 rubles.

Despite the fact that Huawei Watch GT2 is more expensive than Amazfit, but it is a much more interesting option. They have many useful features, but the best one is battery life. If necessary, the gadget can work up to two weeks. Although this will require you to opt out of using certain features.

Huawei Watch GT 2

Not a bad option. And Pro will be out soon.

However, even when using power-hungry features such as GPS, it will last 4-6 days. Which is really good, because many will last half that time or even less.

In addition to the battery life, Huawei Watch GT2 has a stylish design, several design options, so that everyone can choose the option for themselves. The AMOLED screen of the watch is bright, and it also has a built-in player with speaker. So-so function, but if you sit in silence at the table, you can turn on something as a background. It will not download, but the quality will be quite good.

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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro revealed the characteristics before the presentation

The watch also has 15 training modes built in. If you need something decent, but not very expensive, you may not find a better option.

Fossil Sport – an almost classic smartwatch

Fossil is a well-known brand of watches and many other products, including clothing and accessories such as belts, bags and more.

But watches are still his most famous product. They are of high quality, but not as expensive. The same applies to the Fossil smartwatch. Fossil Sport is one of the latest offerings from the company, which almost single-handedly keeps its price niche.

Fossil sport

Fossil Sport looks fresh.

In fact, despite the useful features of the Fossil Sport watch, its main message is its beautiful design. At the same time, they work on Wear OS. Thus, they will have more features than many other gadgets.

Fossil Sport is available in two sizes and several colors. It also provides the ability to change straps, support for Google Pay, Google Assistant and many other features. They also have built-in GPS.

Huawei smartphones got a good navigator instead of Google Maps

FitBit Versa 2 – new watches of the old brand

This watch costs about the same as the Huawei Watch GT2 – about 13,000 rubles. I once had one of the first FitBit trackers that didn’t even have a screen, and I loved it. Now the company has made great strides forward.

FitBit Versa 2 has a large touchscreen that allows you to interact with all functions. It also has heart rate tracking, built-in GPS, Fitbit Pay support, and even Spotify integration so you can easily access and manage your playlists.

Fitbit versa 2

Outwardly, it’s not even bad, but it also resembles something.

Of course, it also has several design options, including multi-colored strap and watch case options. It doesn’t have Google Assistant, but it does have Alexa. However, this did not make us warmer.

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Best fitness trackers under $ 100.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – inexpensive Samsung watches

The price of this relatively inexpensive Samsung watch is about 14,000, which is quite inexpensive for this brand.

It has an elegant understated appearance with stylish design options including multiple colors, different straps and a beautiful metal case with buttons that don’t protrude too much.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung smartwatches are almost classics.

In terms of functionality, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has advanced sleep tracking features and automatically tracks different types of workouts, self-identifying them. Just walk and workout starts, run and another workout starts. The same goes for cycling and many other types of exercise. The watch also supports Samsung Pay, heart rate tracking, built-in GPS, deep Spotify integration, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – the best smartwatch so far

I won’t say that I really like Samsung smartwatches, but it is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that can objectively be considered the best watch for Android users today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was officially presented at the beginning of August, and most importantly, “thanks” to them concerned the presence of a rotating bezel, which, it seemed, the company had forgotten.

Top 3 best smartwatch manufacturers. Can you guess who?

The watch has the ability to measure oxygen levels and check blood pressure. These are two new features that Samsung has introduced alongside familiar features such as heart rate monitoring.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in two sizes – 41 mm (RUB 29,990) and 45 mm (RUB 34,990). You can choose from a variety of different straps, from leather to silicone, and the watch itself has access to over 50,000 different dials. This can create a truly unique variation. Let it differ only by the displacement of screen elements by one pixel to the side, but they will still be unique.

If you have something to add, write about it in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

Now you know what to look for and where to start looking for your perfect smartwatch. Although, perhaps you have already changed your mind and now want to buy just a fitness tracker.