Which Samsung devices support 5G. Smartphones, tablets, laptops

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Agree that 5G is an important topic of discussion right now. Some are waiting for the early appearance of these networks in their region, while others are burning towers, although they do not understand if there is actually any danger from them. Although the latter have calmed down a bit recently and the wave of mass psychosis has more or less passed. Let’s see how long. We now have an interesting infographic that shows which Samsung devices can operate on 5G networks. It shows not only those devices that can already be bought, but also those that will become truly available only after some time. And you know what? It seems that 5G will not only appear soon, but has already completely entered our lives. Moreover, even our operators are already testing new generation networks. Well, let’s see what Samsung is telling us there?

5G technology is becoming more widespread.

Samsung devices with 5G

Ever since Samsung launched its first 5G smartphone in February 2019, the tech giant has continued to release similar devices and has amassed a solid collection. The release of Qualcomm’s 5G chips has only helped accelerate the rollout of this technology in mid-range phones. As a result, at some point there are so many of them that we just start to get lost and not understand how many Samsung devices can work in fifth generation networks. And the most interesting thing is not even the number, but what kind of devices provide such an opportunity.

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У Xiaomi уже больше популярных смартфонов, чем у Samsung и это только начало

Apparently, Samsung itself thought about it and decided to share information with users. She either boasted or just decided to answer many questions, but the result was a large slide with infographics regarding support 5G smartphones, tablets and even laptops of the company. It turns out that she has more than enough such devices.

Samsung with 5G

All Samsung with 5G in one picture.

Which Samsung smartphones support 5G

If we talk about smartphones, then since the introduction of 5G technology into the broad masses, Samsung has already begun to release models in four lines with completely different price ranges. It ranged from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The rulers list includes Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy M and the latest Galaxy Z series… The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the only model in the Z series that was announced a few days ago. So far, you cannot buy this model – you can only leave a preliminary order – but it is this model that is the most expensive in the series, and it is known for sure that it will have 5G.

Which Samsung tablets support 5G

Most of the fifth generation networks will be relevant for gadgets from the “Internet of Things” category. In second place, you can safely place smartphones. But it makes sense to use this technology for other devices as well. For example, tablets. 5G tablets already exist.

Что мне больше всего нравится в Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. А что меньше всего…

According to information shared by Samsung, tablets Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + I can work with 5G too. True, in some countries, for example, in India, they will be released without such support. This is due to the fact that there are no such networks in this country. It is difficult to say about Russia yet.

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Samsung laptops with 5G

Also a laptop released by Samsung, dubbed Galaxy Book Flex 5G, will also support fifth generation networks. Actually, this is even evident from the name. True, the ability to access 5G will only be in a more compact version with a diagonal of 13 inches. This will not be possible on the 15-inch version.

Samsung laptop

Over time, the Internet will appear in almost all gadgets.

Since Samsung is so actively involved in the race for 5G and rolled out so many devices almost at once, it can be assumed that it will continue to work in this direction. I mean not just releasing every new smartphone with 5G at once, including very budgetary ones, but dealing with gadgets for which such networks are more relevant.

Among them there may be something for a smart home, for example, security systems, various sensors and switches, as well as technology. Moreover, there is more than enough technology in the company’s model range. Having the technical ability, and most importantly, the desire to introduce 5G, it will be possible to equip everything from robotic vacuum cleaners to washing machines and TVs with such chips. It is really convenient and will not overload your home network.

Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung показала, как надо делать складные смартфоны

What is 5G for?

In general, 5G is good because it gives you a lot more freedom in terms of connectivity. Where it is impossible or undesirable to use Wi-Fi devices, it will be possible to connect to cell towers. And the speed will be such that you don’t even have to think about delays.

5G phone

The new century requires new solutions.

5G provides a large number of devices that can connect to one base station, and very fast speeds. Let for a smartphone, and a computer too, you do not need to have speed 700-800 Mb / s and more, but if each person has several devices, then the speed will have to be shared. So it is better to divide this speed, and not five times less.

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How 5G exposed the crowd’s penchant for stupidity and misunderstanding

Already, many have a tablet, smartphone, smart watch and laptop. If they all connect to a cell tower at once, nothing good will come of it. That’s why we need 5G. You can argue with this in the comments or in our Telegram chat, but objectively new technologies should find their place in our life.