What do you have to drink and eat to survive on Mars?

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Most of the time we are not even aware of it, but our body is constantly being trained while walking and even inactivity. The average person usually weighs 70 to 85 kilograms. In order to maintain this mass, different muscle groups are constantly stressed and therefore can not be fully weakened. Unfortunately, astronauts do not have such a passive method of training the body – their bodies are totally relaxed inside the spacecraft, so their muscles weaken very quickly. To prevent this, they have to do sports for at least two hours. However, American scientists believe that you can maintain muscle health with a special diet.

The diet proposed by scientists includes red wine, blueberries, peanuts and cocoa. All of these products contain an extremely useful substance called Resveratrol. Plants thus protect against parasites. In the human body, it combats inflammation and prevents the formation of tumors. For example, in 1997 this substance has demonstrated its ability to halt the development of skin cancer in mice.

The benefits of red wine

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, red wine and a variety of nuts containing resveratrol can prevent muscle weakness in weightless conditions. To prove this, scientists at Harvard University hung a group of 24 male rats on the ceiling of the cage, restoring the conditions of weightlessness, under which animals do not have to make any effort to maintain their bodies. Once a day, experimental rats were given a mixture containing the resveratrol described above. Another group of rodents was not suspended and drank plain water.

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This is interesting: red wine can prevent tooth and gum disease

For two weeks, the muscles of the hovering rodents should have been noticeably weakened, but this did not happen. Scientists checked how well the experimental rats kept things in their paws, and they turned out to be as strong as normal relatives. The miraculous effects of resveratrol are still unexplained, but scientists believe that it was possible to keep the muscles healthy due to the substance's anti-inflammatory properties.

Survive on Mars

Many probably have a question – where does survival on Mars come from? Scientists believe it is not enough to live on a long space flight without special diet on another planet. In both cases, the human body, accustomed to terrestrial conditions, is in an unfamiliar environment where the muscles do not have to strain to hold the body.

Simulator on the International Space Station

Currently, the crew of the International Space Station keeps their bodies in healthy condition with the help of special simulators. However, the first humans on Mars will not have any sports equipment because they have to be brought from a distant earth or they can build it themselves. All this will take a long time.

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It is possible that it is these products that make it easier to get used to Mars and to continue living with it. Do not forget that astronauts are exposed to a double risk of cancer during the flight and even during their stay on the Red Planet. It can be assumed that red wine and nuts are included in the daily diet.

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