#video | What can happen to the hands of a person with a complication of arthritis?

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Rheumatoid arthritis is now considered one of the most common diseases in people between 40 and 50 years. This disease is characterized by the fact that the human immune system begins to attack the joints and trigger inflammatory processes, gradually destroying the tissue of the person. This is a pretty dangerous disease, because only in 2010 about 49,000 people worldwide died of it. To date, there is no fully effective method of treating rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, physicians must administer medication to the patient to artificially slow the immune system. But the disease is still developing and the affair can go so far that the fingers on a person's hands start to fold like telescopes.

These can be the consequences of arthritis.

This is no joke or fantasy at all, as one of these medical cases has recently been described in the journal The New England Journal of Medicine. According to Doctors Hassan Satis and Abdurahman Tufan, a 69-year-old woman once came to her clinic complaining of a change in her finger shape. The doctors found that their hands were literally turned outward and their joints felt soft, which meant they were swollen. Because of this, the patient could not bend some fingers and compress even more into a fist.

Dangerous complications in rheumatoid arthritis

However, most doctors were surprised that the patient's fingers were noticeably shortened. However, when you pull on the phalanges, they gradually expand to normal length. To find out the cause of this phenomenon, the patient was subjected to an X-ray examination, which then gave the doctors an answer to the question of interest. It turned out that complicated arthritis severely damaged the finger halves, shortening the bones and joints and leaving skin and ligaments the same size. Because of this, the fingers of an elderly woman began to contract and stretch like a telescope.

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X-ray of the patient's hands

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The patient reported that she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 18 years ago. The doctors prescribed her various medications, but the disease continued to develop. Unfortunately, she was unable to provide complete help in this clinic because effective medicine simply does not exist yet. The doctors had to prescribe women's pills again to slow down the immune system, which made the woman at least no longer feel pain and no more swelling more. However, the mobility of the fingers did not return to her.

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It is worth noting that the consequences of rheumatoid arthritis are anything but pleasant. This video is another reminder that it is important for scientists to develop drugs for this terrible disease. Of course, today there are a lot of remedies for rheumatoid arthritis, but sometimes they act in a completely unpredictable way. For example, in 2016, Brazilian scientists suddenly discovered that so-called "tofacitinib" helps bald people to regain their hair.