They want to build a space hotel on the ISS

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The first space hotel for wealthy tourists could appear in 2025 as part of the International Space Station in orbit. In order for the planet's money bags to have a picturesque view of the earth, NASA has a historic contract with Axiom Space, a private company. Experts are confident that building a unique orbital hotel can help boost the global economy. How much does it take to take a selfie against the backdrop of the earth from the ISS porthole?

ISS Hotel capsule interior concept

Hotel in space

One of humanity's most ambitious projects in the entire history of its existence is rightly considered the creation of the International Space Station. On November 20, 1998, the first residential module of the future international home was successfully put into orbit, in which representatives from 19 countries around the world carried out unique research. Almost 30 years after the start of the implementation of the unique project, NASA specialists want to present another grandiose plan that every ten million owner will have in their pockets to see the implementation.

The Axiom Hotel MKS will be ready to open its doors hospitably to the first space guests in the second half of 2024, reports the portal The capsule also plans to introduce a node module, a science and production complex, a comfortable unit for accommodating the crew and an earth observatory with panoramic windows as a hotel segment. The main contractor will be Axiom Space, a private company founded in 2016 by Michael Suffredini, a former NASA employee.

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A ticket to the “Hotel of the Future” costs private travelers $ 50 million. The cost of an 8-day orbit hotel stay includes high-speed internet, a clear view of the earth, and other various activities in zero gravity.

The "Axiom" hotel in orbit could appear in the coming years

The construction of new ISS modules, including hotel modules, is hampered by the tense relationships between the co-owners of the International Space Station. Due to the political differences between the United States and Russia, the joint operation of the station could finally be stopped in 2024, which could significantly affect Axiom Space's plans to develop flights into public space. However, even if the United States makes an official decision to stop working on the ISS, the Axiom Hotel will still appear. In this situation, it is known that company representatives plan to switch to their own power platform outside the space station.

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The ISS itself could be completely uninhabited in the coming years. To ensure a gradual exit from the international program, Roscosmos is already working on a project of the Russian Orbital Station (ROS), which will include 5 multifunction modules. Even if the work of the ISS is officially stopped, the development of our planet's orbital space will continue in one way or another. And not for nothing: The existence of unique space structures in orbit is an extremely important aspect for further exploration and conquest of distant space.

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