The world’s largest online video service will receive a full-fledged Russian version

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Great news for those who like to watch the latest Western TV series and films, but do not speak English: the world’s largest online video service, American Netflix, will finally receive a full-fledged Russian version. The company signed a partnership agreement with the domestic National Media Group (NMG).

This private media holding controls the television channels STS, REN TV, Channel Five, Domashny and others. Thanks to this, even before the end of this year, Netflix will have a fully localized interface, and many TV shows and films will acquire Russian subtitles and even full-fledged voice acting.

In addition, NMG promises to replenish the Netflix film library with no less than a hundred domestic projects. The first 40 Russian films will appear on the service by the middle of next month. Recall that Netflix has been officially available to residents of our country since 2015, but over these five years, literally a few of the films and TV series presented here have acquired Russian-language versions.

In the meantime, a new 55-inch Philips OLED TV with artificial intelligence was brought to Russia.

Source: Vedomosti

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