The French company has developed Powerbank trailers for electric cars

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Nowadays smartphones are used so often that charging the battery is sometimes difficult even for a working day. That's why almost every one of us has a portable battery in our pocket that you can use to charge your smartphone at any time. However, electric car owners today are also faced with a low battery charge, and it is very strange that they are not made analogues of mobile power banks for them. The French company EP Tender decided to close this gap and started developing 60 kilowatt trailers to charge cars on the go. The idea is undoubtedly very cool, but the technology they propose has several weaknesses. But what difficulties can arise if the car is simply connected to a portable battery on wheels?

EP Tender Battery is expected at 60 kilowatts

Electrek spoke about the new technology and its weaknesses. According to Jean-Baptiste Segard, CEO of EP Tender, they want trailers with batteries to solve the problems of owners of electric vehicles, who often travel long distances. When you're on the go, the battery of an electric car can be empty and there may be no charging stations nearby. Thanks to their technology, drivers don't have to call a tow truck – you can simply charge the car using a battery-powered trailer. However, this is far from the only plus of the technology they have developed.

Power bank for electric vehicles

The head of EP Tender is also confident that thanks to their trailers, people can save when buying an electric car. For example, they may prefer an inexpensive model with a relatively small battery capacity. To remedy this shortcoming, you can buy a power bank trailer and travel long distances with it without being afraid and without energy staying in the middle of the road. The company wants to sell trailers for $ 11,000, but drivers can also rent them for $ 37. Leased power banks on wheels are to be installed on tourist routes.

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However, the manufacturers of portable batteries for cars risk repeating the unfortunate fate of the Israeli company Better Place. At one time, its founder Shay Agassi wanted to create stations where discharged batteries from electric vehicles could be converted into charged batteries in 5 minutes. Just for that, existing cars had to be set up to work with cheap, interchangeable battery types that automakers weren't ready for.

EP tender trailers can be rented

EP Tender representatives affirmed that it will be possible to upgrade existing electric cars for just $ 650 to work safely with their trailers. However, Electrek journalists, who have been following the electric car market for a long time, have great doubts that the company can change such an important part of electric vehicles as the power supply system so quickly and inexpensively.

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However, the company seems quite optimistic. It is known that its representatives are currently negotiating with manufacturers of French cars such as Renault, Citroen, Peugeot and Opel. Who knows, maybe this company can realize the idea of ​​portable batteries for cars better than others? So far, the only thing left to do is follow their actions and expect the best.