The best VR simulators for pilot training

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Pilot skills are honed in flight, but not everyone gets the right implementation the first time. Some points must also be dismantled in a quiet environment. In aviation, it is customary in these cases to use special flight simulators, which have been manufactured for more than 30 years and have achieved great success during their development in the field of flight simulation.

The best VR simulators for pilot training

With a state-of-the-art flight simulator, you can steer a Boeing 747 passenger, fly a Beechcraft baron, and even earn a private pilot license for the Cessna 172, as noted by ACS blog journalists in one of their studies. Thanks to the virtual reality system, modern simulators can simulate almost every air transport – from aircraft to balloon. You can literally manage these aircraft from the comfort of your own home by using your own virtual control computer. However, it is not known how useful such an experience is for a pilot in real flight conditions.

The more realistic flight simulators become, the greater their scope of application in aviation. This level is already quite high today – some aircraft controls are detailed except for heating windows, ventilation switches and an anti-icing system. And with standard flight procedures, even Microsoft Flight Simulator can help.

Flight simulators become more realistic


1 Which VR flight simulators are considered the best today?
1.1 X-Plane and FSX
1.2 Prepard3D
1.3 IVAO and Vatsim

2 Where can I get a flight simulator and which is better?

Which VR flight simulators are considered the best today?

X-Plane and FSX

Simulators for transport and passenger aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator X-Plane and X (FSX) – a quiet oasis among the huge modern flight simulators. There is no consensus among pilots as to which of these two options is better, but they all emphasize the following:

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X-Plane offers the best flying model.
FSX offers many high quality visual effects and add-ons that cover almost all existing aircraft.


Flight simulators place high demands on the system and its resources, and if a standard RAM is present, an unstable program may fail at the worst possible moment. Therefore, the appearance of the Prepard3D simulator was a real relief for virtual pilots. Its peculiarity is the stability of the program, which is necessary for many. In addition, the simulator offers a new look – training for different modes of transport, a more realistic environment and support for FSX add-ons and libraries.

Flight simulators place high demands on the system and its resources

IVAO and Vatsim

The virtual networks IVAO and Vatsim combine the passion for flying with global network capabilities. You just need to be a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, X, or X-Plane user, register at the site, and then install the Client Pilot program. With these services, users can perform virtual flights under real weather conditions and improve their English language skills thanks to the English radio service. In Vatsim and IVAO networks, up to 700 pilots can fly at the same time.

Where do you get a flight simulator and which one is better?

All flight simulators are available on official websites and cost from 60 US dollars. However, you will find many hacked versions on the internet.

With flight simulators you can practice different types of procedures. However, the X-Plane offers more options for creating flight modes in difficult conditions, and the FSX and Prepard3D offer more options for exploring a particular vehicle.

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