The American spacecraft for Mars flies up in the test

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American entrepreneur Ilon Musk, who founded Tesla and SpaceX, is literally obsessed with his desire to move people to Mars. In order to send the first settlers to the Red Planet, he wants to deploy the starship Starship, which is currently under development and being tested. In a recent test he was supposed to fly up to a height of 20 meters with the aid of a completely new Raptor rocket motor, but he was on fire at the beginning of the test.

According to the company, the cause of the fire was the ignition of the fuel used in the rocket engine. Unlike other engines, methane is used as fuel instead of kerosene. It is believed to be much safer and much cheaper. By the way, Ilon Musk has been working hard to reduce space costs – he believes he can shoot missiles for only $ 5-7 million. By comparison, the launch cost of the Irtysh rocket developed by Roscosmos is estimated at $ 60 million.

Spaceship ship explosion of SpaceX

Despite the fact that the fire looks great, experts believe it did not damage the design of the test ship. An astrophysicist from Harvard University, Jonathan McDowell, is sure of that. In any case, SpaceX representatives will provide accurate information about the condition of the spacecraft – the company's employees are already evaluating the damage caused by a fire.

All that is clear at the moment is that a small flight of a ship at a height of 20 meters will be moved to another date. It is hoped that the second attempt will be successful because then the company wants to lift the ship to a height of 20 kilometers. If this goes on and the preliminary version of the ship proves its efficiency, the first flight of a full scale spaceship will be completed by 2021.

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It is expected that the spaceship can accommodate up to 100 passengers. He not only flies to the Moon and Mars, but also deals with the rapid transportation of people from one city to another. Testing the engines of the company is especially important as they will be included in the final version of the ship up to 6 pieces. At the moment the ship seems to be small, but over time it gets bigger and gets a sharp head fairing.

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