The American got drunk without drinking alcohol. How is that possible?

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Beer production is a very tedious and lengthy process. To get a few liters of this intoxicating drink, a few liters of water, special cereals and especially several weeks are required for fermentation. However, in the human body all these processes can be much faster. Doctors from the state of North Carolina were recently able to convince themselves of this and turned to a 46-year-old man with signs of poisoning. According to him, he was often drunk, even though he had drunk no alcohol, so he lost his job and earned problems with the law. It turned out that beer fermented directly in the intestine due to a rare disease.

The human body is able to produce alcohol

According to the Medical Daily, in 2011, a man had problems with spontaneous poisoning. He then suffered a severe hand injury and was treated with antibiotics by doctors during treatment. After a few dozen days, the patient noticed a loss of concentration and frequent mood swings, which lasted until a visit to a psychiatrist in 2014. After drinking a dose of antidepressants, the man broke away from his depressive mood, but problems continued to follow on his heels.

Why is man drinking?

The patient said that one morning he drove in a car and felt distracted and sick. He was stopped by police officers and suspected of driving during the noise. The alcohol tester really showed a high alcohol content in his blood, so the man's discomfort was not surprising. After the police did not believe that he was drinking alcohol, the man decided to go to the hospital.

For most beers, the alcohol content is between 3 and 5%.

After the doctors listened to the patient, they suggested that he perform the so-called carbohydrate test. He was offered to eat 50 milligrams of a carbohydrate-rich meal, and he measured the alcohol content in his blood. Carbohydrates in the gut interact with brewer's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, causing alcohol to form. Subsequently, it enters the blood of a human, which is sufficient for intoxication.

Did you know that Russia is developing a hangover-free beer with vitamins?

Side effects of antibiotics

The reason for the increased concentration of brewer's yeast in the body of a male doctor was considered to be the effect of antibiotics. The drugs prescribed in 2011 had a major impact on the microbiome of the patient's intestine, which increased the number of fungi. In medicine, this disease is known as "auto-fermentation" syndrome and extremely rare. According to Dr. Fahad Malik has the syndrome for the first time because of the use of antibiotics.

By the way, some popular antibiotics can cause heart disease.

From now on, it is assumed that every patient complaining of sudden symptoms of poisoning should receive a carbohydrate test. If this problem is ignored, many people may lose their jobs and even be responsible for car accidents. The fact is, people with the "auto-fermentation" syndrome sometimes do not understand that they are drunk. In this condition, however, they can sit at the wheel of a car and overthrow a person.

Over 3 million people die of alcohol every day

As for the 46-year-old man, he now lives a normal life and tries to stick to the right diet. From time to time he also checks with an alcohol tester. Just in case.