Smartphone with two displays LG Wing lit up in a new official video

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LG has publicly confirmed for the first time its preparations for a dual-display smartphone, previously featured in rumors and leaks called Wing. The company posted a short teaser video of the device on its YouTube channel.

The video shows the rotation of the main display and the secondary display. When opened, the smartphone takes on a T-shape. No details about the device were disclosed in the video. However, it becomes clear from the video that the official presentation of the novelty is scheduled for September 14th.

In an additional press release, LG says the new device will be part of an initiative and product category called the Explorer Project. The project aims to “provide much-needed curiosity and excitement in the mobile sector,” and “it will focus solely on the usability that translates into innovation.” Meanwhile, the recently launched Velvet will be part of LG’s Universal Line.

Earlier it was reported that the LG Wing smartphone will receive two displays – one above the other. In this case, the main display unit can be rotated 90 degrees in relation to the sub display, resulting in a T-shaped device with two screens. Possible uses could be to view widescreen video in portrait orientation when held with one hand, or to provide full screen navigation while driving while displaying music playback controls.

Source: The Verge

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