Samsung will release a smartphone with a memory transferring 50 GB per second

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When we copy TV shows from hard drive to smartphone or transfer photos from memory card to computer, we dream that the process will go faster. True, in this case, we often lack not the speed of the drive, but the bandwidth of the wire and connectors. Now imagine that more than 50 GB of information can be transferred in just one second. This is very impressive and I want to reach such heights. Samsung has achieved them, however, only in terms of RAM, but this is still a record value, which is not yet available in any smartphone. Why is this necessary and what other records will bring us such an innovation, which we will most likely see already in the Samsung Galaxy S21. Or in the Galaxy S30, as it will be called there …

16GB of RAM will soon be a reality. They will also be very fast.

What will the new Samsung be called

Whatever you call the new Samsung, which will be released next spring, either Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, it should turn out to be very cool. I am in favor of the Galaxy S21, as I find this option much more logical from a marketing point of view than the Galaxy S30. Well, okay, back to memory – this is more important.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S line will almost certainly include the fastest 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM. Samsung has announced the establishment of a new production line in Korea to mass-produce the industry’s first 1z-based mobile LPDDR5 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM.

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Samsung’s executive vice president of DRAM products and technology, Jung Bae Lee, is confident that this new memory will not only be something new and good for Samsung itself, but will also open new doors for the industry as a whole.

This is the fastest memory, and the Galaxy S21 will almost certainly have to get it. In the end, the solution is already ready, and about half a year is left before the release of the new phone. There is more than enough time to optimize, fit and release the smartphone.

Samsung factory

Superfast Samsung memory will be produced here.

RAM Samsung

According to Samsung, the new memory will not only be the fastest, but the fastest, and its speed will be 16 percent faster than the previous generation. We are talking about the memory that is used in the current flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It is separately noted that it will not only be faster, but also more in volume – 16 GB versus 12 GB.

When it comes to data transfer rates, it is noted that 16GB DRAM can transfer 51.2GB of data in just one second. This is really impressive, especially considering the amount of memory itself.

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But the improvements don’t stop there either. In addition to having more memory and faster speeds, the memory module itself will be smaller. It will be 30 percent thinner than the current generation. This is very important, since there is always a lack of space in modern electronics and reducing the size of components is only welcome.

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The company has confirmed that this new RAM will not be limited to just its own smartphones. Accordingly, other flagship phones will be able to use this solution as soon as it is ready.

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As far as Samsung phones are concerned, at least one phone from its new series will be equipped with 16GB of LPDDR5 DRAM. It is too early to say whether it will be the first device with such hardware or whether the chips will have time to be shipped to someone. Let me remind you that the new generation of Samsung Galaxy S series will be released in the first quarter of next year (around February or March).

RAM Samsung

Something, but Samsung can do RAM.

The Galaxy S21 series is still a mystery, we’re not even sure if Samsung is using that name. The company could opt for the Galaxy S30 or something like that. We just need to wait and see what happens. The closer we get to this deadline, the more rumors and leaks we will see. So far, it remains only to be content with official information and include analytical skills.

Why do you need fast RAM

Many people will think that no one needs such a high speed of RAM, and what difference does it make if 50 GB or 30 GB will be transferred in one second. Like, this is still a lot and several times exceeds the amount of memory itself. But the speed of the system as a whole depends on the speed of its components. The faster each of them works separately, the faster the phone will be against the background of competitors.

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Suppose that in some place the system lacks the speed of data exchange and then it does not matter how much computing power is in stock. It’s like watching 4K video but using the cheapest cable. At the entrance to it, the signal will be excellent, but at the exit it will be terrible. The cable simply won’t let that kind of content flow through. The same goes for the internal components.

That is why it is necessary to look not only at the amount of memory, but also at its speed. For example, replacing the HDD in your computer with an SSD, you will immediately notice a significant increase in the speed of work, since it will be much easier for the system to “move” where the speed is about 10 times higher. That’s all the arithmetic.