Is it true that a person can go gray with stress?

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If a person has gray hair on their head, it means that they are aging or under severe stress. After all, is there a background motive for the expression "gray with horror"? Severe stress can cause white hair to appear at the age of 25. However, the scientists were not yet sure how emotional experiences would cause hair to lose its natural color. It used to be thought that stress somehow speeds up the aging of the human body, but American scientists from Harvard University have proven that this is far from the case. In a laboratory experiment on mice, it was found that longer experiences destroy cells that are responsible for the hair color.

Scientists have discovered the process of gray hair

An experiment, which was rather uncomfortable for science but very useful, was reported in the journal Nature. As part of the scientific work, the researchers divided black rats into three groups and created various stressful conditions for them. The first group was injected with a substance called resiniferatoxin, which causes burning pain all over the body. The second group of rats were subjected to psychological stress when they were transplanted from one cage to another, shaken and illuminated with a lamp. The third group was placed in a narrow cage and thus immobilized.

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How does hair turn gray?

After the stress test, the rats were shaved and started monitoring the growth of their fur. As expected, most of them developed islands with white hair, and they were particularly large in people suffering from physical pain. According to the researchers, stressful situations directly affected the work of the animals' sympathetic nervous system. It is known to help the body react to dangerous situations. As a result, the stem cells responsible for the hair color are used up and the hair naturally begins to turn gray.

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Rats at the beginning and at the end of the experiment

In the course of further scientific work, the scientists also found that proteins, so-called cyclin-dependent kinases, play an important role in the process of stem cell depletion. To test its acceptance, a substance that blocks the production of this group of proteins was introduced into the body of stressed rats. As the scientists expected, blocking really stopped the hair from graying.

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Unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding of all the interactions between substances that occur during the graying process, scientists cannot yet develop a medication to maintain the hair color. However, it is likely that in the near future such a tool will be created and people will no longer worry about the possibility of gray hair.

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