How much are cats tied to their owners?

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It is believed that the first domesticated animal is the wolf, which is the distant ancestor of modern dogs. It was these animals that could easily overcome people's fear and become their faithful companions and best friends from the Stone Age. Cats have become other popular pets, but they are not considered human friends. Rather, they are considered charming but extremely lazy beings who love freedom and can not stand when touched. It seems that for thousands of years humans have misconceptions about cats – a new scientific study shows that they are as loyal to owners as dogs.

Dog is the best friend of man. But why not a cat?

Scientists have long been trying to find out who is smarter – cats or dogs. In the end, most of them come to the conclusion that dog mental abilities are much better developed than furry creatures. As you watch the dogs, you can see they understand their owners much better and demonstrate their loyalty. Cats, on the other hand, love to be alone, but maybe we just watch them inattentively.

Are cats bored?

Researchers from the US state of Oregon have decided to find out whether cats bind to their owners or not. To answer this question, they conducted the so-called "Unusual Situation Test", which usually assesses the degree of attachment of monkeys and dogs to humans. The attempt is that the animals first spend time with the owners and then stay alone. After about six minutes, the owners return to them and the scientists carefully monitor the behavior of the animal.

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Such a thing is a "test unfamiliar situation"

The experiment included 79 kittens aged 3 to 8 months. After the implementation, scientists revealed very interesting characteristics of the behavior of cats when the owner returns. The researchers were able to identify patterns of behavior in 70 cats. Most of them, namely 46 people, were easily caressed and picked up after the owner's return – showing a high degree of affection for people. Some of the tested cats, 24 individuals, avoided their owners. As you can see, most cats still love their owners.

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How do I tame a cat?

The owners of 46 loyal cats were very lucky, but what about the others whose pets were not so friendly? To find out if it is possible to gain the love of a cat through additional communication, the scientists conducted a six-week training session for owners and cats. During this time, participants were taught how to teach cats to execute orders and handle their moody behavior.

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After training, all cats and their owners passed the test of an unfamiliar situation again. Unfortunately, the information given to the cat owners during the training did not help. The degree of their attachment to the owners remained at the same level as before. But do not lose heart – if you have a little kitten at home, you can surround it with care and it will surely attract you.

What is the result Scientists have found that many cats can be good friends. The test showed that cats are just as nervous in an unfamiliar situation as dogs. They are probably looking for protection from the owner because they really need security.

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