How long does it take to run to prolong your life?

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Jogging is a great sport for those who do not want to spend money on sports equipment, as only good sneakers are required. So far, scientists have already confirmed that running can increase life expectancy. In addition, while jogging you can see many beautiful landscapes, such as a bright morning. Maybe that's why some people wear sneakers in the morning and conquer the next kilometer. It turns out, however, that you do not have to worry about jogging – just walk for a few minutes a day.

Scientists have proven many times that running increases longevity

At least, Australian scientists are certain of it, whose discovery was recently described by The Conversation. According to journalists, there are currently more than 1.35 million joggers in Australia, equivalent to 7.4% of the country's population. There are also complete followers of jogging in Russia – there are no exact statistics about it, but you have to see people jogging in the morning on their way to work.

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The benefits of morning jogging

There is no doubt about the benefits of walking for human health, as scientists from all over the world have proven this many times over. For example, Mayo Clinic magazine states that jogging lowers the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as heart disease and cancer. In addition, physical activity increases the endurance of a person and gives strength.

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Sometimes running really helps to maintain good health

Many people probably think that you have to travel long distances to take advantage of running, but this is far from the case. Scientists at the University of Victoria (Australia) studied data from more than 230,000 people aged 5 to 35 years, about 10% of whom jog regularly. At the beginning of the study, 25,951 people were already dead in the sample, most of them almost never ran.

There is a relatively low threshold for running – anyone from small to large can practice this sport

According to scientists, runners are 30% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease than anyone else. They also found that running reduces cancer risk by up to 23%. In addition, to achieve this effect, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the training – just 50 minutes of running a week is enough. This seems to be good news for those who do not always have enough time for the sport. After all, during the day you can definitely find 10 minutes for a bit of jogging?

Incidentally, because of the lack of a gene, a person can walk for hours and never tire

A headlong race is also not required. The optimal speed is according to the researchers at about 13 kilometers per hour. But if someone is not looking for easy ways and wants to sweat well, please – the increase of speed and distance does not diminish the benefit, but does not increase it anymore.

If you want to travel long distances quickly and tirelessly, try this method

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How do I start running in the morning?

We'll warn you immediately – it's not worth running a few miles at high speed on the first day. Not only can you become so tired that you do not want to repeat the race, but you also hurt your body. On our channel in Yandex.Zen you can read about the dangers of overly hard training. We recently wrote about soccer players who died due to excessive workload.

The researchers also advise to start a morning run not alone, but in a company. In every city there are probably lovers of morning running who can be found in social networks. In extreme cases, you can show this article to relatives or friends, and maybe the next morning, put on your sneakers and walk on the treadmill. And do not forget to include invigorating music, as you can hear in the video above!