How is China fighting the corona virus in the middle of an outbreak?

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The situation with the new coronavirus CoVID-2019 is getting tighter every day. On February 29, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the maximum threat level for the coronavirus epidemic. This is the highest risk in the WHO classification. Experts report that it is still possible to control the spread of a coronavirus infection. To do this, you need to block all paths of the virus. Keep in mind that the CoVID-2019 outbreak started in Wuhan last December. Soon after the infection spread, the Chinese government took unprecedented quarantine measures.

Portraits of coronavirus victims in Wuhan

Timeline of events in Wuhan

A video in English was recently published on the official PRC CGTN international channel, which contains a detailed story of how the fight against the coronavirus took place in Wuhan. The video begins with a story about the city of Wuhan with 11 million inhabitants. As of January 23, the number of people infected was 495, according to official figures. To prevent the virus from spreading, it was decided to quarantine the city. Immediately afterwards, medical personnel from all over the country arrived in Wuhan. On the morning of January 24, construction of a 1000-bed hospital began, which was completed in 10 days. Soon another hospital was built.

Despite the measures taken, the disease continued to spread and on February 2, the number of infected reached five thousand. The next day, construction work began on three makeshift hospitals; On February 7, the Chinese government requested that medical personnel be sent from 19 provinces to Hubei Province. By February 11, the number of reported cases in Wuhan reached 20,000. Three days later, more than 400 military doctors reached the epicenter of the outbreak; On February 15, the number of infected CoVID-2019 was 39,000 people. During this time, more than 1,500 doctors became infected with the new corona virus, many of them died.

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Taking into account the growth of new infections, the production of protective masks was increased until February 23, two hospitals were built, 13 provisional hospitals, the number of first aid posts reached 40. A total of more than 40,000 places for infected people and 70,000 quarantine places were created. "Nobody was left unattended," says the announcer. The video ends by saying that the spread of the virus in China has so far declined, and the WHO director praised the Chinese government's actions. But is it possible to trust the information from the PRC state media?

What do the people of Wuhan say?

Despite the fact that PRC measures to combat the new coronavirus in the Chinese state media were crucial – this is the only hospital construction in a short amount of time – the only acceptable story is the story of the heroic struggle of the Chinese people, courageous doctors and people who donate money anonymously. But is everything really as reported by the state media?

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The number of infected CoVID-2019 worldwide exceeded 80,000 people

Interviews with residents of Hubei, which is still the center of the epidemic, show a more complex picture – sadness, boredom, and despair. The New York Times reports in a recently released video. According to information from American journalists, residents of Wuhan and quarantine cities publish information about what happens on social networks, but such posts are deleted very quickly – censorship. Videos of overcrowded hospitals and patients who are not being treated due to a lack of medical staff quickly disappear from social networks.

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The empty streets of Wuhan

A journalist interviewed several Wuhan residents. Mr. Peng spoke about his father, who had spent three days in a quarantine prison without medical help. As a result, an older man fell into a coma and soon died. Mr. Peng is not told what happened to his body. Another Wuhan Maya resident said in an interview with a journalist on Skype that her friends who worked in one of the Wuhan hospitals said almost nothing about what was happening. At the time of the conversation, Maya was locked in her apartment with her mother and young child, and a security guard was on duty at her door. The woman is not dissatisfied, but criticizes the authorities for taking so long to take action. Maya also noted that it is very difficult to speak openly about the coronavirus situation in China.

According to the Wall Street Journal, citizens of the Middle Kingdom are demanding freedom of speech after the tragic death of a doctor who was the first to speak about coronavirus and was arrested. In addition, WHO experts have previously expressed the belief that some human rights can be neglected to prevent the spread of infections in relation to the global pandemic and the situation in China.