How does China deal with plastic waste?

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If you carefully monitor the materials on our website, you probably know that our planet is literally littered with plastic waste. Bottles, bags and other plastic objects have not decomposed for thousands of years and even get into our internal organs. The result was that in 2019 microscopic particles from 15 types of plastic were found in the bodies of German children. China is considered the largest plastic producer in the world, so it is not surprising that this country has taken serious measures to reduce the amount of plastic waste. As of this year, the authorities will ban the sale of products in plastic packaging. Tubules for cocktails are even banned.

Plastic waste washed ashore in Shanghai

China's new methods of handling plastic waste have been featured in the New York Times. At the moment, it is this country that produces the maximum amount of plastic waste. The largest landfill in the People's Republic of China extends over an area of ​​100 soccer fields. This territory was thought to be sufficient for a long time, but the country's 1.4 billion people produced so much garbage that the landfill ran out of resources 25 years earlier than expected.

The largest landfill in China

China will ban the production of plastic

The Chinese authorities have already recognized that it is impossible to solve the problem of excess plastic waste simply by recycling garbage. In this regard, they decided to take more serious measures. In particular, it concerns a ban on the production of most plastic packaging. To make it easier for people to get used to the new rules, bans first take effect in large cities and only then are they extended to small settlements.

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Sorting plastic bottles for recycling on the outskirts of Beijing in 2015

Until the end of 2020, indestructible plastic packaging for products in major Asian cities will be banned. The ban will come into force in small towns by 2022. It is expected that, thanks to the new rules in Chinese fast food restaurants, there will be no plastic straws for cocktails by the end of this year. Restaurants are also expected to reduce the use of disposable plates, spoons and forks by up to 30%.

In addition to the fight against plastic waste on Earth, China is concerned with the destruction of space waste

If everything goes according to plan, China will significantly reduce the production of plastic items by 2025. At this point even hotels no longer display plastic items to guests. In general, it all sounds very nice. Thanks to the new regulations, the authorities will not only help improve the condition of our planet, but also improve the level of service in public places. After all, few people like to eat from plastic plates? Porcelain, glass and wooden cutlery is much nicer.

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However, owners of shops, cafes and restaurants can replace plastic items with safer analogues for nature and people. Instead of plastic plates and spoons, public places may find cutlery made of cheap materials that decompose well in the floor. This includes, for example, material that consists of tobacco leaves. You can find out more in our special material.

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