How can space exploration lead to a new kind of people?

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As you know, every research is always viewed from the point of view of achieving a certain benefit, at least in the long term. In this regard, space exploration is no exception to the general rule. The ongoing active exploration of the Moon and Mars will sooner or later necessarily result in the settlement of these objects in order to develop mineral deposits that are useful for earth dwellers. To ensure their location, analysis, and production, mankind must establish their first settlements hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of kilometers from Earth. In order to survive in conditions other than terrestrial, a person has to work hard on their genetics, which will lead to the creation of new people modified by robots.

In the coming decades, humans can conquer the planets and satellites of the solar system. To survive, he has to adapt to the new conditions of his space house

Can a person colonize the solar system?

The conquest of space has always been the dream of those science fiction authors who dreamed of seeing the transformation of man into an interplanetary perspective with their own eyes. According to an article published on, in the near future some people may choose to leave Earth to live in other worlds. To implement such an ambitious plan, they can use advanced technologies to adapt to the new living space.

Scientists believe that Mars colonists feel much freer in this regard if the methods used on Earth are limited by certain precautionary and ethical standards, as they have a compelling incentive to survive in the harsh conditions of the Red Planet. Researchers say that modified humans may one day transform into completely inorganic intelligent beings who don't even need an atmosphere to breathe and a full life.

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The development of new technologies can lead mankind to migrate to distant places on the Milky Way

Astronomers suspect that the next phase of human space exploration can lead to mass migration as the increasingly complex, almost immortal beings colonize the galaxy. Such an idea can be realized with the help of self-reproducing machines or other technologies that help a person to take interstellar trips.

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In any case, despite all the semi-fantastic predictions, mankind should not ignore the idea that if it decides to leave its home planet, it can avoid a catastrophe on Earth. The current difficulties with climate change may seem a trifle compared to a possible terraformation of Mars, and Earth will remain the most suitable planet for human life in the universe forever.