Do you have a Xiaomi smartphone? Watch out for Android updates

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What can be the complaints about Xiaomi smartphones? Well, those who have never used them probably have none, except perhaps the high price of modern flagships. After all, hardly anyone in their right mind will agree to buy Xiaomi Mi 10 for 70 thousand rubles, when exactly the same money costs the flagship iPhone, which belongs to a completely different market segment. Another thing is that there are also enough available models in the range of Xiaomi. But, if you look a little more closely, you begin to understand that they are so cheap for a reason.

Redmi Note 9 is so cool, but at the same time so problematic

Xiaomi already has more popular smartphones than Samsung and this is just the beginning

Redmi Note 9, which is considered one of the bestsellers of 2020, turned out to be not the best smartphone. In addition to the depressurization of the camera, on the protective glass of which some users spontaneously begin to collect dust, this device has at least one more drawback, namely, an update. While updates are usually beneficial, in the case of the Redmi Note 9, they only brought misfortune. After all, as users assure, after installing MIUI 12, they started having serious problems.

MIUI 12 problems


MIUI 12 just came out, but it already has so many problems

As it turned out, MIUI 12 led to the fact that smartphones began to periodically lose their connection with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE, they themselves began to reboot periodically for no apparent reason, and at moments of conditional stability, the devices froze strongly, hardly reacting to touch to the screen. Moreover, there were quite a few of those who faced these problems, and everyone notes that the smartphone began to behave strangely as a result of the update. This means that the cause of the failure is in him.

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To assume that Xiaomi developers have made a mistake somewhere is, in general, no wonder. This is not the first time that the brand’s smartphones have received an update that incapacitates certain functions or turns them into bricks. As a result, owners simply could not continue to use their devices. Just what is the Android 10 update for Xiaomi Mi A3, which Xiaomi had to withdraw five times in a row and fix something there before the platform normally got up on the smartphone and was able to properly ensure its performance.

Why you shouldn’t update Xiaomi

Camera Redmi Note 9

Don’t want to ruin your Xiaomi smartphone? Do not update

Xiaomi’s reaction to everything that happens is very curious. Officially, the company refused to comment on the situation in any way, however, as it usually happens. But on the other hand, the moderator of the online community of Mi users replied that the developers already know about the existing shortcomings of the update and are preparing to release a fresh patch with fixes. The moderator did not elaborate on what to do for users until Xiaomi deigns to finish work on a new update and release it for release.

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Frankly speaking, I am very confused about Xiaomi’s attitude towards updating their smartphones. Not even a month goes by that the next device of the brand does not begin to suffer from the bugs of the next update. So I – and I am sure many others – are beginning to get the impression that it would be much safer not to install updates at all. And those smartphones, whose support Xiaomi stopped this summer, refusing to release Android 11 for them, apparently just escaped from the inevitable fate that might await them after the release.

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