Bosch has developed a clear visor to protect the driver from bright light

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In which weather conditions do you think most car accidents occur? One might think that traffic accidents occur in ice or heavy fog. However, representatives of the German company Bosch claim that drivers generally lose concentration on sunny days. To prevent bright light from getting into the eyes, drivers usually lower a special visor, which is located in the upper area of ​​the passenger compartment directly in front of the driver. However, this visor not only prevents temporary blindness from the sun and headlights of oncoming cars, but also partially limits the driver's field of vision. Bosch seems to have found a solution to this problem, but its technology also has a weakness. But which one?

Bosch Smart Visor can prevent car accidents

To protect the driver from bright light, Bosch has provided the existing sun visors with a transparent liquid crystal display. It consists of large hexagonal segments that become opaque in a selective order, creating a shadow in a person's eyes. The difference from ordinary sights is only that the shadow follows the position of the human eye smoothly, while the rest of the film remains transparent and does not prevent the driver from following the road.

How do you protect yourself from glare from the sun while driving?

The principle of operation of the technology was described in the official Bosch blog. Company officials said the sun visor is connected to the cameras that are in the cabin. They are equipped with artificial intelligence, which monitors the position of a person's eyes, nose and mouth in real time and obscures the particles of the liquid crystal display, so that the hexagonal shapes only create a shadow in the eye area.

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The technology appears simple and at the same time extremely useful. However, it has at least two drawbacks. The first is due to the fact that the hexagons on the film are very large, which is why the driver's field of vision can still be blocked. If they were smaller, the shadow could be made more accurate so that it only covers the driver's eyes and nothing else. The second disadvantage is that the shadow created by the film is too coarse and engineers should blur the edges of the darkened areas slightly.

Despite the advantages, the technology has disadvantages.

Perhaps the company will remedy these disadvantages in the future anyway and in real cars the “smart” visor appears in perfect shape. Currently, this device is an early prototype, so engineers have time to work on improving the technology. However, when and in which cars such a device appears, is not yet known. It is possible that it is sold separately with cameras and can be installed in almost any car.

In all of this, one should not forget that the causes of the accident are not only difficult weather conditions, but also the behavior of the drivers themselves. For example, many drivers get into trouble because they make calls while driving. Many developers are trying to prevent possible accidents, and the currently most interesting project is the technology of the Israeli company Eyesight Technologies. Sensors in the car are also used to track the driver's actions. You can find more information in our special material.

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