Apple Introduces More Flexible Rules for App Store Developers

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As promised during WWDC, Apple now allows developers to challenge App Store rules. Apps that are already available on the App Store will no longer need to initially address policy violations before Apple approves in-app bug fixes unless the violations are related to legal issues.

In other words, Apple will not block the release of versions with bug fixes if there are claims against applications and developers due to violation of the store’s operating principles. In addition, Apple will allow developers to propose changes to its rules.

Apple said the changes are now in effect. The company also explained that while violations of the General Principles will not affect approvals for bug fixes, developers will need to address violations of the Principles in their next submissions.

These changes were announced shortly after a public conflict with the developer of the Hey mail application, Basecamp. Apple declined to approve the bug-fix update because the app required online user authorization, and there were no in-app purchases and trial options available that could result in a commission being charged by Apple. The Cupertino-based company later reconsidered its decision to fix bugs, and Basecamp made a compromise by implementing a free trial in the app.

It was assumed that these changes would avoid the repetition of similar situations in the future. However, less than two weeks ago, Apple blocked an update to the WordPress app to force developers to add support for in-app purchases. In addition, Apple is battling Epic Games, which has begun offering discounts to Fortnite players, bypassing App Store purchases.

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Source: Engadget