A quantum patch can help a person deal with diseases

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For most of our contemporaries, quantum technologies are still fantastic and transcendent. At the same time, the development of quantum devices has resulted in smartphones, flat-screen TVs and other electronic devices in almost every house. According to the portal newatlas.com, MIT researchers have found a new creative solution for the application of the technology of the future in medicine. The concept of a “patch” was developed to enable the most effective work with vaccines and to keep track of who received vaccinations and when. Can this technology really be useful?

Can a quantum patch be a promising technology of the future?

Quantum technology helps in medicine

A patch of microscopic needles created by MIT scientists can control the special quantum dots that have been under human skin for many years. Essentially, an individual's vaccination history is stored in their own body. Researchers argue that the need to use such technologies is becoming increasingly important in the context of population growth in developing countries. Due to the fact that some vaccines require multiple doses to be introduced at certain intervals, re-vaccination is often forgotten, resulting in ineffective treatment. At the same time, the use of new technologies will help residents of fast-growing countries to forget the vaccine paper cards that are often lost or do not exist.

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The application scheme of the quantum patch

The idea of ​​a new vaccination method is based on tiny semiconductor crystals that reflect certain wavelengths of light. While the drug is in a person's bloodstream, any medical specialist can check the date of the last vaccination of a person using a specially-equipped smartphone that fluoresces the normally invisible dye embedded in the patch.

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In order to keep the color in the body for a long time, a team of scientists encapsulated it in microparticles about 20 micrometers wide. It is given to the body with the help of a special plaster, which is an absolutely painless alternative to the syringe. There are a large number of tiny dissolution needles on the patch, which gradually deliver the required dose of medicine to the human body.

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The researchers claim that the color with vaccination data using a smartphone detector is visible even after five years of constant human exposure to intense sunlight.