Why are wolves howling at the moon?

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It has always been believed that the most bloodthirsty robbers – the wolves – have a special and inexplicable connection to our night light. As our ancestors heard a wolf howling in the distance, they tried as quickly as possible to leave the vast forest dweller's area, which was even considered to be related to fantastic werewolves. Why do wolves really howl up the moon? Why is she so attracted to them?

Wolves have always been credited with fantastic abilities that they are supposed to open during the full moon

What does the wolf howling to the moon mean?

In spite of the fantastic legends about wolves turning into a full moon in werewolves, in reality everything can be much more prosaic. Zoologists believe that the moon as such does not affect the behavior of these animals. Observations showed that wolves howl not only the moon, but also the cloudy sky in the rain and in all conditions of nature, which somewhat reduces the shadow of the gloomy romanticism that surrounds these clever canines for centuries.

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Because animals lead a nocturnal lifestyle, howling can be used as a communication language with which wolves exchange important information. The intonation with this communication method allows you to warn your loved ones of the imminent danger of being a call sign when hunting at night, or even proving that a pair of wolves have offspring.

With the help of howling, wolves can alert relatives to the danger or approach of a person

What do you think about wolves? Do you have awe of these forest animals or do you prefer to look at them somewhere in the zoo from a distance? Let's try to discuss this problem in our telegram chat.

How animals communicate

Incidentally, not only wolves are successfully using howling as an effective means of communication. I think many of you know first hand that pets like dogs love this way of communicating with each other and in ordinary homes. Due to the fact that people for one reason or another (and sometimes without) find all sorts of signs, the sudden barking of the dog also managed to get a whole bunch of superstitions. So the howling of a domestic dog has always been associated with the presence of evil spirits or was a harbinger of an unpleasant event.

Do not hurry to pack your bags when you suddenly hear a dog barking at night. Maybe your dog just wanted to chat with his relatives

Although the myth that wolves howl at the moon has been completely debunked, our planet's satellite can affect the behavior of nocturnal animals to a lesser degree. Due to the fact that nights are much brighter during the full moon than during the New Moon, it is much more convenient for night robbers to hunt down what they tell their cousins ​​with a loud howl.