Why are cheeks and ears "burning" with excitement?

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Maybe each of us knows the feeling of a burning face. We were all in love, ashamed or very angry at least once in our lives. At such moments, our face can suddenly feel an unusual heat that makes us feel literally burning from within. Why is this happening?

Blushing our body shows a signal that we really want to please the interlocutor. The main thing here is not to overdo it

Why are the cheeks blushing with excitement?

As you know, the unexpected redness of the skin (most commonly occurring at the wrong time) is due to the previous emotional arousal. The excitation causes an expansion of the head capillaries whose blood flow improves the brain circulation. In such cases, not only the cheeks and ears, but also the neck and forehead can become very red. In every manifestation of stress, which includes arousal, our body activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for human behavior in the event of danger. Thus, the experienced can experience a rapid heartbeat, muscle tension and increased activity of the sweat glands. No wonder: in the face of this or that important or dangerous situation, our body activates all the resources at its disposal to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

Most commonly, facial flushing occurs due to extreme emotional stress or arousal.

In addition to the possibilities of solving the problem and above all the potential survival in nature, significant blood flow to the head has another original function. There is an exotic theory that evolution led to unexpected reddening of the facial skin to increase the likelihood that the "reddening" person likes it. In fact, we like rosy rather than pale, because rosy cheeks in the subconscious give a signal for our health and our ability to produce offspring.

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It is no coincidence that girls have always used all kinds of rouge and colors to mimic the natural rouge.

What is erythrophobia?

Erythrophobia or erythrocyte disorder is a rather unusual social fear of redness in the presence of others. This is due to the excessive sensitivity of the nervous system, which reacts too much to a certain stimulus. Out of fear of blushes, a person suffers from constant internal pressure and depression, which leads to a gradual isolation from society and social interactions.

The fear of blushing in the presence of others is called erythrophobia

Have you noticed a manifestation of erythrophobia? Do you think it possible to fight against it? Let's try to discuss this problem in our telegram chat.

Those who suffer from erythrocyte syndrome believe that their face will turn bright red from the least anxiety or arousal. A similar fact makes Erythrophobic even more worrisome, which leads to problems of human self-realization. Therefore, patients try to avoid public speaking, negotiation and communication with the opposite sex. It is possible to cure erythrophobia by visiting the practice of a psychologist or psychotherapist.