Which meat can infect the human brain with dangerous worms?

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Almost every person on our planet is always in danger of becoming infected with terrible diseases. There are many reasons for their occurrence, but some of the most uncomfortable diseases start after so-called tapeworms have invaded the human body. Typically, these parasites grow and multiply in the digestive system. In advanced cases, they can even penetrate the brain and cause seizures. Such cases are rare, but one of them has recently occurred in China – about 700 parasites were found in the brain of a 46-year-old builder. But how did they get into his body and how did they proliferate?

Be careful when buying meat – it can be infected with tapeworms

Tapeworms usually enter the human body via the meat of infected animals. A person can take in adult worms as well as individuals in the so-called intermediate state – the oncosphere. The danger of adult worms is that they can spread eggs through the excrement of the victim. But hatched larvae can also enter the circulation through the intestinal wall. From there it is not difficult for them to get to the muscles and, worst of all, to the human brain.

What is dangerous unfrittiertes meat?

According to USA Today, this particular molestation has happened to a person living in China. Once he noticed headaches and epilepsy, but did not go to the doctors until his colleagues demanded an ambulance at the next attack. Doctors from a hospital at Zhejiang University in China carefully examined the patient and found traces of tapeworms in his brain. At this point, however, the man announced that he was perfectly well and went home.

Traces of tapeworms in the patient's brain are shown in white

The next time the patient returned to the hospital on the advice of relatives who noticed an increase in epileptic seizures. After an even closer examination, the hospital staff discovered traces of pig chains in both hemispheres of the brain. They numbered at least 700 people, so the fact that men often had severe headaches and cramps was not surprising.

However, such cases are not uncommon in China, as a Chinese centimeter worm was already pulled out of the brain by a Chinese in 2014

In a conversation with doctors, the patient admitted that he had the opportunity to try a dish with pork and lamb before the onset of the disease symptoms. Unfortunately, he could not control the degree of roast of the meat, as the dish was seasoned with red sauce. It is likely that this meat was infected with tapeworms that multiplied all the time when a man refused to go to the hospital.

Always make sure the meat is ready before eating.

Just think – more than 700 worms lived in the human brain, but the story ended very well. The man was prescribed anti-pig therapy and prescribed medications to reduce his pressure. In fact, the patient's blood pressure increased significantly due to the effects of parasites, which could subsequently cause other health problems.

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According to the World Health Organization, the infection with pig chains is one of the leading causes of death in connection with the consumption of food. It is therefore recommended to check the origin carefully before eating the meat and not to cut it after cooking on the same plate as the raw meat.