When the end of the world comes, Tesla will be useful to you

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You have noticed that the love for Tesla cars is a bit wavy. At first the interest in them was great, then he fell asleep a little. After that, Model 3 came out and everyone talked about them again. And so it was with every model or every new development, like an autopilot. Everything is logical, but apparently the time has now come for another wave of increasing interest in the creations of Elon Mask's team. This is due to the fact that possibly Tesla could be the perfect car for the end of the world.

Fine, what?


1 How to clean the air in a car
2 The revolutionary Tesla system
3 Biological Weapons Protection Mode
4 Tesla – Dozer

How to clean the air in a car

Each car has an air filtration system that is not only part of the ventilation system, but also fulfills the really necessary tasks. This is only in different cars, it has a different quality level.

It's not hard to guess that the streets where thousands of cars are running with their engines running at peak hours are one of the city's most gassed places. It's just that you can not feel it completely because there are filters in the cheapest cars that protect against it. The difference is noticeable when you drive through a tunnel, for example, in a car and the next day on a motorcycle with only a thin bonnet in front of the exhaust. I noticed that in such a situation, but you can just open the window.

The fight for the environment! As proof, there are 14 technology development scenarios by respected analysts.

The revolutionary Tesla system

As Tesla's cool systems always set him apart from his competitors, whom others have never dreamed of, the ventilation system of some sort has gone unnoticed, but it is also revolutionary and unique in its own way.

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It looks like an air filter that needs to be changed.

It first appeared in the Tesla Model X. And much effort was put into its development. At the same time, Elon Musk especially thanked Google co-founder Larry Page, who made him aware of this idea. In the most popular electric vehicles, the HEPA air filter system appeared.

As a result, Tesla cars, which previously protected the environment from harmful emissions, can also protect people in the car from pollution with the new system.

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According to Tesla itself, the filter system is much larger than the filters of other cars, and the efficiency in a special mode exceeds the efficiency of similar premium car systems by 100 times or more.

The BMW M4 is a luxury car that will not protect you from dirty air like Tesla.

Ventilation systems have achieved good results in California fires, where thousands of hectares of forest are burned every year. In addition to trees, entire villages and even small towns are destroyed. It's just that most Tesla cars are in California.

Bioweapon Defense Mode at its finest. from teslamotor

In the video posted above, you can see how the user moves on a road that is difficult to label as hellish. Around the fire, and you can only guess what air quality was in this place.

When the driver was asked about his experience with such a road in Tesla, he gave a very clear answer.

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I activated the extended defense mode when I saw the fire. It was like pressing the "activate future" button. – He noticed – By pressing the button I felt quite epic and knew that the system would protect me from fire.

By the way, under such conditions another plus of Tesla manifests itself. It is electric and, unlike gasoline engines that need clean air with plenty of oxygen to form a mixture and move accordingly, does not lose its handling characteristics.

Defense mode for biological weapons

The mode the user is in terrible situations is called the "Biological Weapon Protection Mode". It sounds a bit pathetic, but according to the manufacturer, the system can remove at least 99.97% of the small solid particles from the air that are directed into the passenger compartment. Such particles include pollutants, bacteria, viruses and various allergens such as mold and pollen.

The famous Tesla Model X door opener.

The feature originally appeared in Tesla Model X, but was later adapted for use with Tesla Model S.

In the event of a fire, Musk himself stated that such a system could be quickly evacuated from a hazardous area without the need for special personal protective equipment. In addition, the system allows people with pronounced allergic reactions to walk safely through flower fields and birch groves.

And now let's remember those films showing the next version of the technogenic apocalypse, where people hide from the dangers of infected substances in the air. So Tesla can protect her?

Tesla – set-down car

In addition to the fact that the creations of the mask can protect the passenger without you having to wear personal protective equipment, you can move quickly from one place to another. The only question that needs to be considered is the need to recharge the car, but this is more of a plus than a minus.

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We are shown that after the outbreak of a hell, such as a man-made catastrophe or a zombie apocalypse, people will live in communities that can provide anything they need to survive.

When a zombie attacks you, the best kind of martial arts runs, and the fastest car is the best weapon.

At the same time, for example, I've always wondered where the heroes of movies like The Walking Dead get gas for 10 years after the disaster. Especially when you consider that they do not produce it themselves. The question arose because it is possible to collect the remaining petrol at gas stations, but there are not that many, and sooner or later they will end, and for the production of fuel we need equipment made by more than a dozen people be served with special knowledge. I'm not talking about oil production.

From this point of view, it is electric cars that seem more promising as Doomsday machines. The logic is simple – power generation is much easier than gasoline generation.

The Tesla Model X turns out to be an ideal survival option with a large cabin, improved off-road capability, a powerful polluted air protection system and electric traction. It turns out that way! You just have to come up with batteries, but that's easier than sucking oil off and refining it.

Wanted to leave a purchase request. Suddenly starts soon. In addition, the doomsday clock moves closer to midnight.