What is the difference between a camera and a human eye?

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Have you ever thought about what resolution corresponds to the pixel on the camera that our view has on you? Can the most powerful camera in the world match the structure of the human eye? And why do the camera and our eyes see the world in a different way? Let us try to find this together in this article.

What's cooler: the human eye or the strongest camera in the world?

How many megapixels does the human eye have?

The human retina has about 5 million color receptors, which is only 5 megapixels when translated into a pixel language. Not the most advanced display compared to modern devices, right?

Nevertheless, the human eye has about one hundred million monochrome receptors that determine the creation of a complete image of the surrounding space by the device that analyzes the incoming information – the brain. In addition, unlike the camera, the human organs of vision do not receive information statically but in motion, forming a common panoramic image that is 576 megapixels. Well, but this result is already inspiring!

Which animals have the best view?

Despite the complex system of the human vision device, which achieves an impressive 576 megapixel result, this number is not considered a limit in nature. The most complex visual system among all living things on planet Earth is the so-called peacock shrimp (lysiosquillina glabriuscula), which lives off the coast of Australia. According to research, these amazing creatures have outstanding eyesight, which in many ways surpasses all human optical systems.

A unique shrimp that lives in the Great Barrier Reef has the perfect view in nature

Lysiosquillina glabriuscula has the unique ability to see the world in polarized light. In other words, shrimp can unknowingly use the same advanced 3D technologies that modern Hollywood experts use to create special effects for blockbusters. Zoologists believe that the function of such a vision can be used during the mating season or simply during communication between mantis shrimp.

Shrimp can see the world around them in blinding light.

What exactly can these sea creatures see with their unique eyes? Researchers believe that the vision of peacock shrimp can detect circularly polarized light that is invisible to the human eye and can be observed in the laboratory using special glasses with polarizers.

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In addition to shrimp, flies have one of the most perfect views in nature. It is assumed that the frame rate in the eyes of these insects is many times higher than that of human indicators. The frequency of image changes in flies is thus about 300 images per minute, while this number is only 24 images in humans.

The Canadian insect museum Victoria Bug Zoo has developed an unusual stand concept that allows passers-by to see the world through the eyes of insects

The unique visual system of the fly has about 3.5 thousand small hexahedral facets, each of which can capture only the very meager details of the image. Thanks to such an arrangement of the eye, the fly can immediately navigate in space, which makes it so elusive for a running shoe.

What does the most powerful camera in the world look like?

The most powerful camera in the world is rightly a 3.2-gigapixel camera, which was developed as part of the construction of the Large Synoptic Research Telescope in Chile. The developers believe that the launch of the world's most powerful camera will take place very soon – in 2022. The huge camera weighs about 3 tons and has the dimensions of a small car. According to calculations, the telescope is actively used for 10 years, with the telescope camera taking about 800 images of the sky in the highest resolution. Scientists hope that the use of such a telescope will help humanity to know the universe better than ever before.

LSST concept – the next-generation ground-based telescope with the most advanced camera in the world

Do you believe that it is ever possible to develop a device that surpasses the human eye in every way? Let's try to discuss this issue in our telegram chat or on the Hi-News channel in Yandex.Zen.