We disassemble the Nubia Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone with an active cooling system (video)

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The Nubia Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone, which became the first device with a 144 Hz refresh of the screen and an active cooling system, continues to attract bloggers and experts exploring the technical and physical capabilities of the unique device.

Earlier, blogger Zack Nielson, the author of YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, already tested the smartphone for strength and conducted a standard test with scratching the surface with objects of different hardness. Nubia Red Magic did an excellent job and earned the praise of strict Zach Nielson.

Now the blogger has decided to look inside the smartphone and “get to know” the active cooling system using a miniature cooler, the rotation speed of which, according to the developers, reaches a fantastic 15 thousand revolutions per minute.

Access to the miniature fan was opened immediately after dismantling the glued rear glass panel of the smartphone. The cooler uses the principle of pumping air through a special tunnel, which ensures the active selection of excess heat generated by the processor and other modules of the smartphone. It is noteworthy that during the dismantling process it turned out that many of the parts of the device located on the board are equipped with metal plates with a copper layer and thermal grease, which provided additional heat removal.

Zack Nielson also notes that the rest of the design of the gaming smartphone is identical to modern devices. The backlight LED stands out, and the specialist’s complaints caused the battery to be too securely attached to the case, which makes it difficult to dismantle it. In addition, despite the presence of water protection of the USB Type-C connector, the smartphone is not fully waterproof.