# video | Tesla Auto learned to speak to pedestrians

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Electric cars have many advantages over vehicles with internal combustion engines. Firstly, they do not pollute the air with exhaust gases and secondly, they do not make any noise. Recently, however, authorities in many countries have asked electric car manufacturers to install external speakers to reproduce engine noise. The fact is that pedestrians may not notice a quietly approaching car and run onto the street, which can easily lead to an accident. But why not make cars communicate with people in addition to engine noise? Apparently, Tesla engineers had already thought of this because Elon Musk recently confirmed that branded cars really could talk to pedestrians.

Auto Tesla Model 3

The founder of Tesla announced this on his Twitter account. He also released a video in which a Tesla Model 3 car drives towards passers-by and says, "So what are you staring at? Jump on! "The sound is output through external loudspeakers which, in addition to engine noise, are used to prevent thieves from stealing vehicles in the context of" Sentry mode ".

What sounds do Tesla electric cars make?

The function to speak to pedestrians has not been officially added to Tesla cars yet, but Elon Musk assures that this will happen very soon. In general, the appearance of such a feature is not an unexpected move by the company. The fact is that Elon Musk has long wanted to create an independent taxi service from his cars that doesn't need real drivers. The fact is that almost all Tesla car models support the automatic driving system and, theoretically, can drive to passengers independently and take them anywhere.

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You can read about the autonomous Tesla taxi service in our special material

A taxi service with Tesla vehicles is scheduled to start in 2020. It is possible that after a few months in California you will see electric cars with no driver in them. People can order a car through a special application and indicate on the map where to take it. In this situation, the function of talking to pedestrians can come in handy. Imagine you ordered a taxi and he drove to you and invited you to sit in the passenger seat. It all looks very interesting in the imagination and there is hope that all of this will soon become a reality.

But did you know that four people have already been killed by the "autopilot" Tesla?

When exactly the taxi service is started and the above function appears is still unknown. In general, Ilon Mask's words should always be treated with some degree of skepticism. Previously, he had promised that Tesla car owners could set individual beeps and movement sounds in October 2019, but this is still not possible. And the idea is very interesting and very brave, because the entrepreneur said that instead of a normal beep, it would be possible to install groaning goats and other strange noises.

You can even play in Tesla cars

All of this is somewhat reminiscent of how mobile operators in the 2000s all offered us to replace the beeps with a melody. Do Tesla cars also allow people to stand out from the crowd? Maybe, but can you imagine what other innovations the company will come up with after another ten years? Let's fantasize about it in the comments or in our telegram chat.

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