#video | Elon Musk arrived at a restaurant with a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck

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In late November 2019, Tesla showed the world its long-awaited electric pickup called Cybertruck. The appearance of the novelty surprised the company a lot and that is to say the least – the edgy, rude and too futuristic design immediately became the reason for mockery and misunderstandings of the company. Internet users, including us, could not imagine how such an unusual car would drive on public roads, as it looks extremely ugly as a means of transport. Now, however, we have the opportunity to look at this, as Elon Musk and his friends recently drove down the streets of Los Angeles and stayed in a rich restaurant.

Tesla pickup truck on the streets of Los Angeles

Tesla pickup truck photos shared to Thirty Mile Zone. You can tell that Elon Musk came to the restaurant with his lover, singer Grimes. Also in Cybertuck was Franz von Holzhausen, who is responsible for the design of the Tesla cars. Incidentally, this is exactly the person who accidentally broke the capture window during the presentation to prove the strength of the glass used.

Look at Tesla Cybertruck, even actor Edward Norton came out

Tesla revised the cybertruck pickup

At present, it is known that the production of a new car will not begin until the end of 2021. This means that the company still has time to work on its appearance and remove the details that users currently do not like. For example, many journalists stated after the presentation that some elements of the new articles did not meet US regulatory requirements. This might include the headlights that glow in a band, and the company has apparently admitted their mistake. The prototype on which Ilon Musk returned has more well-known separate headlights.

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However, the novelty remained the same as it was presented to us at the presentation. One of the eyewitnesses, among other things filmed a pickup. Yes, he drives very well and gains speed, but he still sets himself apart from other cars and seems like the props of some kind of science-fiction movie. For some reason, a Batmobile comes to mind immediately, about which the "Bat-Man" dissects in movies.

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According to foreign publications Elon Musk spent a lot of time in the restaurant. During this time eyewitnesses were able to photograph the novelty from all angles and publish it in social networks – a good advertisement, right? Since the appearance of the pickup has already produced many funny images on the Internet that filled the news of millions of people, Ilon Mask once again managed to draw attention to his next project.

Tesla photo taken by eyewitnesses

At the moment, everyone can already apply for a pre-order from Tesla Cybertruck. Although many doubted that such an unusual car could be of interest to a broad public, numerous applications have already been submitted. Three days after the presentation, Ilon Mask announced that more than 200,000 people have already pre-ordered, and that number may be many times higher today.