The use of hair dyes increases the risk of developing breast cancer

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According to historical data, more than three thousand years ago, women began dyeing their hair in other colors. However, when natural substances such as Chinese cinnamon or leeks were used as hair dyes in antiquity, artificial dyes are used today for this purpose. Many already know that dyes rob hair of natural beauty, but beyond that, they can have more serious consequences. For example, scientists from the National Institute of Health recently found that lovers often change their hair color and develop breast cancer. But how did the researchers come to this conclusion?

Hair dyes can be life threatening.

The scientific publication Medical Xpress reported the study with reference to the International Journal of Cancer. As part of the scientific work, scientists examined data from more than 46,000 women aged 35 to 74 years. They all agreed that from 2003 to 2009, they participated in a study called the Sister Study, which aimed to identify the causes of breast cancer. The participants also agreed that they had sisters with this type of cancer but did not suffer from this terrible disease themselves.

Why is hair dyeing dangerous?

Before reporting the results of the study, it should be clarified that hair dyes are divided into at least four types. The so-called "volatile" color is washed off the head when showering or bathing for the first time. Direct dyeing agents are stored on the hair until about the sixth shampoo, and semi-permanent colors can last a full month. The record retention time on the hair belongs to permanent dyes that penetrate deeply into the hair and are not washed off.

Hair dyes are divided into four types

It is the last, lasting appearance of hair colors, which is considered the most dangerous for the health of women. After reviewing the available data, the researchers found that the likelihood of developing breast cancer is 9% higher for lovers of permanent hair dye than any other. According to researchers, the increased risk associated with the fact that the composition of such drugs contains substances that interfere with the human hormone system. By the way, it plays a major role in the work of the internal organs with the help of hormones secreted by endocrine cells.

How important medical examinations are is shown by our material for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The researchers also looked at the effects of another type of hair care product, namely chemical hair straightener, on women. These products are applied to the head and thoroughly rubbed while passing through the hair with a special straightener. It turns out that these products are even more harmful than paints – women who use them at a frequency of 5-8 weeks increase the risk of cancer by up to 30%. So, what to do?

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To reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer, scientists believe that women should take a closer look at transient colors or stop using them altogether. In addition, they found that a deadly disease can occur for many other reasons. For example, the risk increases even with insufficient rest and night work.