The story of why it is sometimes better to buy a cheap smartphone

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Relatively recently, one of our websites published material on low-cost smartphones and the fact that they could replace flagships for people who do not need a cool camera. Using the example of some models from different manufacturers, it was argued that the flagships can no longer offer anything new, while low-cost brands successfully use the very expensive developments in their smartphones a few years ago. So they reduce the gap to the "leaders". The other day I was traveling on a cheap smartphone and I'm ready to share my feelings.

Beautiful appearance always attracts the eye. Manufacturers began to pay more attention to this.


1 advantages of a cheap smartphone
2 A smartphone is cheaper than 10 000 rubles
3 Can a budget smartphone replace the flagship?
4 hiking navigator
5 camera cheap smartphone
6 Inexpensive smartphone against flagship

The advantages of a cheap smartphone

First, I want to tell you why I took a cheap smartphone. The fact is that I went to the Oktoberfest, which traditionally takes place in late September – early October in Munich. I've become used to the fact that you always have to have a replacement smartphone on the road – you never know what. Usually, I either took one of my old gadgets that I did not have time to sell, or one of the editorial flagships. This time I decided that you should not take two expensive smartphones to such events. In addition to the actual festival, a hike in the mountains was planned, in which the smartphone can be damaged or lost.

Not so long ago we bought several cheap smartphones for various editorial purposes, including some models like Honor, Jinga Picasso Note, BQ Brave and Haier i6. I took the last one.

The choice fell on him, as I know the rest of the smartphones already very well and I've come across different models of these brands more than once, but I've never had a deal with Haier. I decided that he should not stop working before he even started, but I did not need him anymore. I just needed a spare voter.

A smartphone is cheaper than 10,000 rubles

The cost of my chosen Haier i6 is about 7,000 rubles, which is quite a bit against the background of the budget segment. That's why I chose him. It seems to work quite well, but it is not a pity to lose when something happens.

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At the airport it is difficult to sit in the hand without a smartphone

The first pleasure to have such a smartphone was at the airport. Somehow, my "clip" cracked because I pulled out a SIM card that I attached to my backpack. Her spine was bending and when I started smoothing it, he broke off. As a result, I could not insert my travel SIM card into the iPhone 11 Pro, which was my most important on this trip. The only candidate for his installation was Haier, who previously appeared to be a substitute. At that moment, I thought about the benefits of the removable back cover that I had not really liked before.

An interesting observation: Depressed people use smartphones more often than others. Is that true?

I still rearranged Simka, but that's what made me do not treat the state employee as a relapse. For me it has become a complete supplement to the main smartphone.

A car can have any color when it's black. – Henry Ford

I can not share the opinion of Henry Ford and transfer it to smartphones. I love unusual colors for an accessory that we all know so well, but I did not really like the color of Haier i6 because of the combination of colors. Nothing personal, just a matter of taste. Over time, I got used to it, and even a bit. At the same time I can not say that such color experiments are the amount of cheap smartphones. Remember the famous Huawei P series and Honor V series gradients.

Can a budget smartphone replace the flagship?

Despite the increasing autonomy of the iPhone 11 Pro, which I am currently testing, the state employee made me very happy about this. For five days on the road, I only charged it twice (including the full charge before leaving the house). During this time, I used maps, took pictures and made calls. I did not do that as often as on the main smartphone, but enough to judge the battery capacity (in Haier it's 3000 mAh) and the smartphone's economy.

He took off the cover and got access to the SIM cards and the battery. Such a scheme can sometimes be very convenient.

The last time I noticed autonomy a few months ago, I used a Chinese monster with a 6000 mAh battery. This was the only plus of this smartphone. Otherwise he was rare.

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I've always thought that every smartphone costs about as much as asking for it. If you are ready to buy a flagship, it will be an excellent device. If you are willing to buy a government employee and do not provide flagship requirements for it, it will most likely not disappoint. Now I have once again ensured that smartphones are no longer divided into good and bad. Everyone represents their category. Here only the differences between the categories have dropped.

For business and personal use I used the Huawei P30 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, OnePlus 7 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro and many other devices. We can say that I have high demands on the speed of work, but even with models that are cheaper than 10,000 rubles, I find no great inhibitions. Of course she is, but she is not as critical as she was before. However, this does not apply to games and demanding applications. Here state employees lose against flagships like the Yaroslavl "Shinnik" from Munich "Bayern".

The teardrop-shaped cutout on the screen is now available even on the cheapest models

Hiking navigator

I've already said above that one of the main functions I used in the Haier i6 was navigation. As offline maps I use MapsMe. I liked this application even before I got all the features it has now, such as voice navigation and walking routes.

Probably the best offline map app. If you know better, write in the comments. Or in our telegram chat.

This time I also used these maps to navigate the city and walk in the mountains. I also had the same application on the iPhone, but for obvious reasons, I preferred to use a cheaper smartphone for navigation. And you will not believe it, Haier has done a great job. For obvious reasons, the application started a little longer, but worked flawlessly.

A card makes it fun to walk through the open spaces

At first I even doubted the correctness of my decision to entrust this smartphone to my route, but when I arrived at my destination, I realized that the fears were unfounded.

Camera cheap smartphone

Such a well-known camera interface

Pleasant surprise about the autonomy and quality of navigation was replaced by mixed feelings about the camera. For complex scenes such as high-contrast panoramas, the Haier i6's main camera was predictably conspicuous before the advanced solution used in the iPhone 11 Pro was used. That's just a comparison looks a bit strange. In general, it still shoots well, and you can not compare it with smartphone cameras for the same money that was released 2-3 years ago. In some scenarios, it can even compete with mid-range models.

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Taken on a Haier i6. Panoramic view of the Lautersee

Taken on a Haier i6. Bright picture with a slight tendency to supersaturation.

Taken on a Haier i6. There are small gaps in the shadows, but generally tolerable

Taken on a Haier i6. Rainy weather in a Bavarian village

Taken on a Haier i6. Not the hardest scene, but the camera still worked flawlessly

It is not about a resolution of 13 megapixels, but about how the camera has created vivid panoramas of mountain landscapes. That's why I did not even take an expensive smartphone into the mountains and confined myself to Haier i6 and DJI OSMO Pocket for videos and more complex photos. I did not need more

Now you will not surprise anyone with a dual main camera in a smartphone. This is further confirmation of the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in the household segment.

Cheap smartphone against flagship

Everything I've done with the Haier i6 has reaffirmed my belief that the cost of having a smartphone does not compromise quality. Of course, expensive smartphones work faster, they have a better camera and are more durable. But the state employee can sometimes be more autonomous. It works a lot worse if you do not need maximum speed in PUBG, and it's not that scary to lose it or break it.

Even the fact that there were a few scratches on the screen of my smartphone does not make me conclude it's bad. Good glass is expensive, but scratches on a ceramic Samsung Galaxy S10 (yes, with time, it also scrapes) and on a smartphone for 7,000 rubles are quite different things.

As some government employees, including my Haier i6, are equipped with NFC and Android 9, it will be even more enjoyable that there is a choice for every taste and budget. Public sector employees will not replace your flagship, but they are not as bad as they were a few years ago.