The original videos of the Apollo 11 moon landing were sold for almost $ 2 million.

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So far, the entire world of care has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first man's landing on the moon, and we discussed in Sotheby's, one of the oldest auction houses in the world, three original video tapes recorded during this very historic period why the USSR lost the lunar race against America The events of the year 69. How much For 1 million 820 thousand dollars! This is more than 8,000 times more than the previous owner has paid for them.

Which cameras have the Apollo 11 landings taken?

On July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong entered the surface of another celestial body as the first in human history. These steps were captured by a Westinghouse camera made specifically for this mission. It was on the outer shell of the module. Before Armstrong descended the landing module ladder to the lunar surface, Aldrin switched it on and made the video communication with Earth.

Westinghouse camera mounted on landing module

Another camera on a tripod has been used to capture other actions of the Apollo 11 team.

Hiking camera for a walk on the moon

The camera recorded 10 frames per second and sent it via the lunar module antenna to the receiving equipment of the Park Observatory in Australia. Initially, the recording was done on wide-format tapes, and already in Houston 2-inch quadruplex Ampex VR-660B were dubbed onto tape.

The original tapes of the observatory were subsequently lost to parks. Therefore, Ampex tapes are still the only original films on which the Apollo 11 landing was recorded.

For the first time, these records were sold to Gary George in June 1976 as part of a state auction for $ 217.77 ($ 980 considering today's inflation). At the time, George was a student at the university and fortunate enough to become an intern at the Space Center. Johnson NASA.

After 43 years, the new buyer offered $ 1.82 million for three original tapes.

#AuctionUpdate Not restored, not improved and not remastered, they are the earliest, sharpest and most accurate. # Apollo50th

– Sotheby & # 39; s (@Sothebys), July 20, 2019

As the auction house of Sotheby & # 39; s shows, the videos have been preserved in their original form – they have neither been restored nor rewired. "They are the earliest, sharpest and most accurate of the surviving video footage of the first steps of a man on the moon," the report says. The total video recording time is 2 hours and 24 minutes.

As part of the video taken during the historic landing, you can watch the following video:

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