The invasion of the most dangerous spiders in the world is about to begin in Australia

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If you are afraid of snakes, spiders and other potentially poisonous animals, you should definitely not travel to Australia. After all, most reptiles and arthropods live on this continent, the bite of which can lead to the inevitable death. Destructive fires have recently broken out in Australia and it is currently raining heavily. According to the staff at the Australian Reptile Park, a large number of very toxic creatures may appear in the city of Sydney during rainy weather, which has changed in hot weather. We speak of the so-called funnel spiders, the poison of which is not dangerous to animals and is fatal to almost everyone. But how can Australians save themselves from death?

Atrax robustus is considered the most dangerous funnel spider.

The looming danger was described in the science publication ScienceAlert with a link to the Facebook page of the Australian park. According to scientists, there are more than 40 types of funnel spiders in Australia, but most of them are not dangerous to humans. But among them there is a species called Atrax robustus, whose bite killed about 13 people between 1927 and 1981. In times of high humidity, they leave their caves every year and often fall into the areas where people live. Australia is now very humid, so the locals should be careful.

Australia's most poisonous spider

Funnel spiders of the Atrax robustus species grow up to 5 centimeters long and nest in damp and cool places. There were times when they lived right in the houses where people lived. Under certain circumstances, this spider's bites can lead to death. The fact is that the substance delta-atracotoxin contained in its poison directly affects the human nervous system. 10 minutes after the bite, the victim's blood circulation is disturbed and there is difficulty breathing, bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, sweating, muscle cramps and other unpleasant symptoms. The body seems to be going crazy and all of this is accompanied by terrible pain.

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Scientists currently know about 40 types of funnel spiders

If you do not take the person bitten by a spider to the hospital in time, the case ends with his death. Fortunately, in 1980, scientists managed to develop an antidote that caused the number of deaths from funnel spider bites to reach zero. Yes, about 30-40 people visit hospitals with bites every year, but they manage to save almost everyone.

Australian biologists recently found a whole box of terrible spiders

Serum, which saves hundreds of lives each year, is made from the blood of animals that are immune to this poison. In most cases, researchers extract poison from the body of spiders and inject it into the body of rabbits. The animals begin to produce antibodies that become the main component of the salvage antidote.

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Although there is an antidote to the bites of dangerous spiders, researchers still recommend people to be careful. Closed clothing must be worn in the forest, and when the deadly spider is at home, it must be carefully driven into a glass jar. The spider will no longer be able to come out, giving people the opportunity to take him to an Australian reptile park.