Tesla wants to use lasers instead of car wipers

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Elon Musk continues to surprise with his unconventional approach to car development and everything to do with it. More recently, the Cybertruck (a very futuristic looking car) has been introduced to the general public, as we reported in a separate article. Sign in to stop missing this. However, it has recently become known that Tesla is working on a technology based on laser beams installed on the windshields of vehicles. These beams are used in place of car wipers. And that's no joke.

Laser instead of windscreen wiper? Elon Musk is capable and not so!

How to clean glass with a laser

According to Electrek, Tesla has filed a patent application earlier this year for a system called "Pulsed Equipment for Laser Cleaning Waste Accumulated on the Glass Surfaces of Vehicles". Patent information was released this week. The author of the project is Firoze Dalal. And so he describes his invention in a patent application:

The cleaning system includes laser optics that direct a laser beam at a portion of the automobile glass panel, a dirt detection circuit in a particular area of ​​the glass panel, and a control circuit. The control circuit adjusts the parameters of the laser radiation as a function of the location and the degree of contamination and controls the power and other parameters of the laser beam. At the same time, the laser exposure control system restricts the penetration of the laser beam to a depth that prevents the laser from damaging or passing behind the glass, but at the same time allows the effective management of solid particles on the glass surface.

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Tesla Patent Illustration

It is worth noting that Tesla (as well as all other companies) does not always finalize its patents. And not every device described in patent applications has the chance to become at least a prototype. However, some sources claim that such systems are already being tested in Ilona Mask laboratories. So in the near future, we have a chance to see a laser-based glass cleaning system. And how do you like this development? Write your opinion in our chat in telegram.

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Besides, it is not clear what will happen to the good old windshield wipers. In addition, the patent says nothing about whether the laser protects glass from rain. However, it has been found that cars are far from the only application of the new technology. For example, Tesla plans to use lasers to automatically remove deposits from solar panels installed on roofs of homes that are actively moving into the mass. In addition, lasers can be used to clean ordinary glasses as well as for incorporation into various robotic mechanisms where laser systems can clean optical systems and other sensors of contaminants and thereby significantly improve their performance.