Tesla plans to launch Model Y in 2020

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Tesla does not seem to stop. After the announcement and even the start of pre-orders for the futuristic cybertruck, it became known that it is quite possible that a new electric crossover from Elon Mask Tesla Model Y will be waiting for us. Tesla may prematurely launch its product on the market for the first time because the company often simply could not handle the volume of production and delayed the launch of its new electric car models.

Tesla Model Y may appear sooner than we think

When Tesla launches the Model Y

It is likely that Tesla will be able to deliver the Model Y in the first fiscal quarter of 2020. The experts of Deutsche Bank came to this conclusion after they had come across the documents of Tesla suppliers from Taiwan, which noted an increase in the order volume for parts for the assembly model Y.

According to reports from Model Y parts suppliers in Taiwan, Tesla has to close the orders ahead of schedule. The Taiwanese suppliers point out that Tesla is accelerating the delivery of previously ordered parts to start mass production six months ahead of its original schedule. This means the Model Y may be available to the public in the first fiscal quarter of next year. – says senior analyst at Deutsche Bank Emmanuel Rosner.

In addition, the data was practically confirmed by Ilon Mask himself. In particular, he sent the following letter to the Tesla shareholders:

We are ahead of schedule for the release of Model Y in Fremont and have revised the start dates from "End 2020" to "Summer 2020". At the same time, there is still a low probability of transmission, but we are confident that the exit will take place in the summer of 2020. In fact, I recently personally managed one of the pre-release versions of Model Y, and I think it will be an amazing product that is well received by the public. In my opinion the model Y will be superior to the model S, the model X and the model 3 in combination.

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However, it also became known that Mr. Musk refused to share more detailed information about the new car. For example, data on how many pre-orders have been received by Model Y. However, it has been said that pre-orders are still open. And it looks pretty funny. On the one hand, if you believe the sources, there is a plus or minus of six months before the release of Model Y. It should be noted, however, that Model Y has much more in common with its predecessor model than, for example, Model X and its predecessor. What do you think will Tesla be on time for the deadline? Write about it in our chat in telegram.

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On the other hand, vehicle assembly has not even begun. And considering that the assembly of Tesla cars can hardly be described as fast, the message of Elon Musk looks too optimistic. In addition, the start of new assembly lines rarely runs 100% smoothly. But we will believe that Elon Musk's statement is not empty words.