Tesla is ready to launch an affordable solar roof

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Tesla launched the third version of its "solar shingles" for residential use. Iles Musk, CEO of Tesla, told many interesting details about a promising development in an interview with Techcrunch. In particular, it has become known that the installation of Tesla engineers costs much less in the installation than in the separate installation of roof and solar modules. And that the company plans to create a record number of roofs for energy.

A Tesla roof looks like a normal roof, but generates electricity

What is a Tesla solar roof?

Tesla solar tile, or solar glass for short, is a device that looks like a normal tile, but at the same time works like a real solar panel to generate energy.

In versions one and two, we figured out how the new technology can work better, "says Elon Musk. The third version is finally ready for use.

See the Tesla Sun Roof website for an estimate of the installation cost of this device. It costs about 42,500 US dollars for a 2,000 square meter house (almost 610 square meters). The power of a solar module is 10 kilowatts. Residents of the United States also have an interesting function: Residents can enter their home address and receive a full calculation of the cost of installing and maintaining the roof.

The solar glass roof is not only useful for those who have installed a relatively new roof at home, "said Musk. With our new production technology, we were able to achieve a price that is below the average cost of a roof with installed solar cells on the roof itself. Therefore, in the case of repair or new house construction, the use of a new roof type is justified.

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Nevertheless, the company still has to investigate. In particular, it is necessary to work out the installation technique. Tesla will have two teams working on it. And interestingly, not together, but in competition. First, Tesla hires and trains qualified fitters who receive special certificates. They will compete with each other. How do you rate this approach? Write about it in our chat in telegram.

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In the long term, however, it is not only planned to install roofs quickly, but also that ultimately experienced and qualified employees can train contractors to increase the number of skilled workers with the required skills.

We do everything as fast as possible. We want our roofs to be installed even faster than ordinary roof tiles. In the near future, we want to reach the indicators that allow us to mount up to 1000 house roofs a week. – summarizes Elon Musk

The warranty for the installed roof of Tesla is 15 years. At the same time, the roof has a special weatherization technology that not only protects against rain, snow and hail, but also against wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour (about 290 kilometers per hour). In addition, the "solar roof" generates more energy than a roof of similar size equipped with conventional panels. This is promising not only in terms of energy saving, but also for the ecology of our planet.