Safe Internet without restrictions is now available to everyone

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With the advent of the Telegram messenger in Russia, the spread of online games and the advent of Roskomnadzor, each user learned about VPN and all its delights. There are a great many services that hide your actual IP address, replacing it with another, but not all of them provide proper security and connection speed.

First, let's figure out what a VPN is. Suddenly, among us there was someone who doesn’t know why to hide his IP.
VPN (Virtual Private Network) means “virtual private network” in English. This is a generic name for technologies that provide a high level of encryption of transmitted information. In other words, a VPN is a kind of tunnel that runs between two places on a network. Outside, no one sees what you do there. VPN encrypts all outgoing data using its IP. In most cases, users can choose their physical server location. Thus, no one will know where you are or what you are doing online.

Nowadays, VPN is used almost everywhere

• Unprotected open networks in a cafe or airport can harm you and transmit your data to intruders.

• Data security is important not only for ordinary users, but also for entrepreneurs. For making online payments, working with exchanges and so on. When performing financial transactions with a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, which provides you anonymity.

• The implementation of remote access is also used when connecting to private networks via VPN. Many companies transfer their employees to a remote location, protecting the connection. Now it is more relevant than ever!

• Access to sites that are blocked in some regions. For example, if you live in a country that prohibits access to a resource, using a VPN you can access it without restrictions.

Access to closed sites, torrents and sales is not even worth talking about. Every network user already knows that a VPN can help save money and get a discount.

When choosing a VPN service, you should pay attention to several conditions:
• Encryption: almost all VPN services encrypt your Internet traffic data. This means that your information cannot be read by cybercriminals.

• Hidden IP: for all third-party users, your real IP is hidden. When using a VPN, the address of your computer is the IP address of the VPN servers. This will ensure your anonymity and security.

• No logs. In addition to IP encryption, VPN services do not keep logs taking into account the data of your stay in the network. This means that nothing is stored on your computer either, and no one will know what you did on the network.

How to choose a VPN?

The most important thing in choosing a VPN is to forget about dubious free services. When you use free VPNs, you yourself become a sales product. Your data is not protected and, moreover, it is at risk. A proper VPN should be safe and fast. It should provide a reliable connection, with excellent speed.

ZenMate VPN

The ZenMate VPN service was created by the German company ZenGuard in 2013. ZenMate VPN now uses 3,300 servers in 74 countries. Most servers were located in Germany, USA, UK, Romania and Hong Kong. Manually, you yourself can choose the country and server through which to go online.

The service is available on various OSs: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. There are also extensions for almost all browsers in the world! In addition, ZenMate VPN can even be connected to smart TVs and set-top boxes through the OpenVPN solution.

The service is already used by 47 million users around the world, and the application for Google ZenMate VPN is one of the three most popular VPN services.

ZenMate VPN has dedicated servers for accessing Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix US. This list recently included the Netflix Japan server, which not every VPN service can offer. Several thousand servers in 74 countries around the world work for your security around the clock.

Even if you have questions about the application, then for this there is the most convenient way to contact tech support – Live Chat. Specialists are always online and ready to help at any moment.

There are two versions – paid and free.

The paid version allows you to use all available countries on all kinds of devices. In the paid version, you can choose your location yourself, and in the free version only switch between the four available.

Paid VPN is provided without speed limits and can be used on an unlimited number of devices. The free version is limited to an access speed of 2 MB / s. This speed is acceptable only for messengers, you can no longer watch a video or play games.

The paid version also offers a number of advantages: round-the-clock technical support in live chat mode, use of OpenVPN, anonymization functions of Identity Shield, automatic interruption of programs when a VPN is disconnected.

The cost of the ZenMate VPN service is relatively small, in addition, buying a program for a longer period promises very attractive discounts.

To access the VPN right now you can buy a subscription for 12 months + 6 for free at a price of $ 2.22 (160 rubles) per month. There is also a link promotion for 24Gadget users, which allows you to save even more!

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