Russian President Signs Law Obliging Electronics Sellers to Preinstall Russian Software

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In the opinion of the Russian authorities, a protectionist policy in the field of the sale of digital technology can provide support to the Russian software manufacturer. Legislators in three readings approved the law on the mandatory pre-installation of domestic software on all digital equipment sold in the country. The President signed the Law, the effect of which will begin a little more than six months later, from July 1, 2020.

The amendments to a number of Russian laws that come into force will provide Russian consumers with a wider choice of software, opening up access to domestic counterparts of foreign software. The Government of the Russian Federation, in the time remaining until the beginning of the second half of 2020, will develop a list of Russian software, which must be installed on smartphones, tablets, watches, smart TVs and computers sold in the country.

The complex technical products called by the authorities – “electronic computers”, will have to contain a mandatory list of pre-installed Russian programs, which will be approved in the near future by the Government of the Russian Federation.

However, representatives of trade, united in the Association, have already filed complaints about changes in legislation. In particular, the Law does not determine who should perform the preliminary installation of the software and who will bear administrative punishment for its absence.

Of the leading manufacturers, only Samsung commented on a future innovation, expressing its willingness to comply with new regulatory requirements. At HUAWEI and Apple, for the time being, apparently, they are studying the impending change and remain silent.

Source: Vedomosti