One of the largest Ukrainian IT companies SoftServe was attacked by hackers using an encryption virus

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One of the largest IT companies in Ukraine SoftServe (number 2 in the latest DOU.UA rating) was attacked by a hacker. A number of the company’s services stopped working, according to AIN.UA.

The cybercriminals launched a ransomware virus into the system. As a result, a number of SoftServe services stopped working, and the company turned off some more in order to stop the spread of the virus. Some channels spread a message, apparently from the company’s management (it was originally sent out in English):

“Today at 1 am SoftServe was subjected to a cyberattack. The hackers gained access to the company’s infrastructure and were able to run encryption software and other malware into it.

We disabled some services to stop the attack, unfortunately your work will be affected by our containment efforts in the coming hours.

We also blocked the paths to our customers’ networks to prevent malware from spreading into their infrastructure. ”

SoftServe confirmed to AIN.UA that the company was indeed subjected to a cyberattack, due to which the operation of some services suffered.

“Yes, there was an attack today. The most significant consequences of the attack are the temporary loss of functionality of part of the mail system and the halt of some of the auxiliary test environments. As far as we can estimate, this is the greatest impact of the attack, and other systems or client data were not affected, ”said Adriyan Pavlikevich, Senior Vice President for IT at SoftServe.

To avoid the spread of the attack, we isolated some segments of our network and restricted communication with client networks. We are preparing a message to our clients about the situation. Simultaneously with the resumption of services, we are investigating the incident itself, so we are not yet ready to comment on who exactly did this. “

The representative of SoftServe also said that they plan to restore the mail system in full in the near future.

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Source: AIN.UA