New at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Or why has everything changed now?

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We have already written that electric cars are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Global automakers are trying to maintain the trend set by Ilon Mask a few years ago and are offering their vision of an electric car. Or at least get Tesla to stay on this battlefield and not turn into Nokia or Motorola from the auto industry. It turns out they do not really have it, but their zeal is worth praising. Electric cars used to be, but now it seems that the era of gasoline is no longer just a safe step into the past, but is gradually evolving. Another proof of this was the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened on September 12th.

Instead of steering the Audi AI: Trail, he is equipped with a helmet


1 What can prevent the spread of electric vehicles?
2 New at the Frankfurt Motor Show
3 new hybrid cars
4 Why have car dealerships become so boring?

What can prevent the spread of electric vehicles

As we all know, the global economy is still largely based on oil. Many wars take place because of their reserves, and some countries live only at the expense of "black gold". One example is some of the Arab countries, which have just seen a big boom in the context of their large oil reserves. Some began with it, but then gradually began to shift the economy to other footsteps as they realized that the trend is not forever.

Soon such anthropogenic landscapes will be less and less common.

This situation could be a real problem for electric car manufacturers, but so far no one has objected. On the contrary, there is support from the government of different countries for this area. One example is free parking for electric cars, reduced rates and the like. The black mud pumped out of the ground will still find use, but apparently it will soon be necessary to say goodbye to gasoline.

New at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Trade Fair is the oldest of its kind in the world. It takes place every two years from 1897. Many automakers are showing their new products there, although the trends have changed a bit lately, but we'll talk about that at the end of the article. If you notice a change in trends in the world of the automotive industry, we discuss this in our telegram chat.

In the meantime, the return of electric vehicles has seen the appearance of the first relatively large green car platform. Now the mass platform for the construction of cars is B0, many models are still built on it. With the advent of the MEB platform, you can take a step towards standardizing electric vehicles, which will not allow you to design electric cars from scratch, but to manufacture them on a pre-engineered basis. I think that there is no need to explain that, in the end, there may be an explosion in the number of electric cars on the roads.

The new model from Volkswagen should be the beginning of a big jump in the field of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen ID.3 will be built on this platform. So far, however, this is the first model on the new platform. The delivery of the car should begin in the middle of next year, and the price in Germany starts at 30 thousand euros. Or, as the Germans say, "oiro".

According to the Germans, around 30,000 pre-orders have already arrived at the new product. Well, that's not all. From the words of the head of the Volkswagen Group, however, we can conclude that the car is unlikely to become a serious competitor, as Tesla has grown from charge to charge in its business.

This is the best option for those who do not drive hundreds of kilometers every day, whose annual mileage is less than 50-60,000 kilometers and who do not need a huge car, "said Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess

For the first time, the Porsche Taycan was shown to the public in Frankfurt. I will not go into that in detail, since I've already said a lot about him in a separate article and explained why he can not compete with Tesla.

Porsche debut model in the field of series electric vehicles

Mini with the electric model were also noted by their electric cars. Which was the first such car of the British brand, part of the BMW Group. So far, around 20,000 vehicles have been forecast for this, and the first cars will be delivered to customers from March 2020.

Mini Electric – a small electrician for a small switchboard, a friend of a miniban living in a mini bar

Mini and even electric … So far this has not been the case.

More charged electric vehicles have been noted by several other brands. For example Mercedes, who exhibits his team in Formula E, like Porsche, who believes in himself. They introduced the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS. The electric car is equipped with two electric motors (one per axle) with a total output of 350 kW. The specified range is an impressive 700 km and the acceleration to the coveted hundredth of 4.5 seconds. The first indicator has yet to be reviewed, and the second is not so impressive. Maybe "strangled" the engine to save more.

Mersou also pursued Tesla laurels

Among the concepts presented at the show is the BMW Concept 4, which was developed under the direction of the new brand designer Domagoy Duquech. The concept was also shown by the Cupra brand, which was spun off from Seat. He was named Tavascan. The idea was that he should become a real sports car, but so far this is just a concept. A sports car will also be the Veloster N ETCR from Hyundai. Four electric motors should pull immediately.

New recognizable BMW design

How do you like this electric car?

Hyundai's sporty and electric version of the Veloster

Another interesting concept was the Audi AI: Trail. Today we already wrote about it separately. Its main feature is a special approach to lighting the street. Read it! It's very interesting.

AI Car: Trail with flying drones instead of headlights

Audi interior

New hybrid cars

So it has happened in recent years that the number of electric vehicles has determined the number of car dealerships in secret. But they are not just filled with news feeds. There were also many hybrids presented, which I personally consider a dead end of the automotive industry. At most, on the way to full-fledged electric cars, she can resort to a sample of the automaker's pens, but you should not flirt on this field.

Examples of introduced hybrids are Renault Captur. This popular low-cost car features rechargeable batteries and will be a great addition to the standard model. When it comes on the market is not yet known. Now we can only say that a small change in the design has clearly benefited him.

Capture, so familiar on our roads, has become a hybrid.

However, the most unusual hybrid was the first Lamborghini to be made with this technology. He became the model Sian FKP 37. The name seems strange, but he has an explanation. These are the initials and the year of birth of the former boss of Volkswagen (Lamborghini is part of this company) Ferdinand Piekha, who died shortly before the presentation. The car is not going to be massive as only 67 units are released and they are all sold out before the premiere.

Hybrid Lambo? Surprised …

Why have car dealerships become so boring?

Lately, you can follow an unusual trend. Large manufacturers have ceased to be interested in international exhibitions. This is mainly due to the fact that certain market and promotional models have changed.

Issuing your stand at a dealership is very expensive. In fact, however, it is seen by tens of thousands of visitors, the lion's share of whom did not arrive with the aim of choosing a car. In addition, of course, the journalists writing about it will be watching the cars, but this channel is not so common in modern day reality.

Targeted advertising is becoming increasingly popular. It has started to work very well with the development of the internet and the collection of data by the merchants. In the first case, the user gets tips on the websites after at least looking for something related to cars. In the second case, the dealers make a contribution to the offer, based on the current state of the customer car. You will simply offer him updates immediately.

This was indirectly influenced by the fact that users no longer considered the car (and not just the car) as something that needed to be constantly updated. More and more people bought a new car as needed, and not for the sake of buying. In part, the above is a personal opinion, but it is shared by many car bloggers and only by my colleagues. This opinion has reason. To agree with him or not is up to you.