Minecraft created a metropolis comparable to a real city (7 photos + video)

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Minecraft players “built” the largest city in the history of the application, which looks unusually realistic and on which guests can “walk” for many hours. Construction took a long 9 years and began in 2011. The settlement, called Greenfield, is currently the largest in the game, and its creators continue to form a gaming megalopolis.

The founders of Greenfield adhered to a given scale: one block is equal to one real cubic meter. This provided the city from the Minecraft universe with the most realism. A walk through the game city will allow gamers to feel like a full-fledged resident who needs to overcome a long journey from one part of the settlement to another.

In the city of Greenfield, you can find all the elements characterizing a real metropolis. These are skyscrapers and bridges, factories and shops, wide avenues and quiet streets in which it is easy to get lost. There is also a railroad, motorways and metro lines through the city.

The founders and builders of the city sought to bring as much realism into architecture as possible and, in addition, left many “Easter eggs” that would not be easy to find in a huge metropolis.

Source: interestingengineering