Microsoft launched Windows Terminal (video)

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At last year's Build 2019 Developer Conference, Microsoft unveiled a new Windows 10 app called Windows Terminal. At the current Microsoft Build 2020 online conference, the company officially launched the application, creating a central access point for PowerShell, Cmd, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

All developments completed over the period from the day of the first announcement last year are included in the Windows Terminal assembly at number 1.0. The user will be able to configure Windows Terminal using profiles, as well as create a separate profile for each application, shell or tool (PowerShell, command line, SSH or Ubuntu) imported into the application.

For each profile, individual settings for the color gamut, background blur level, font size and style can be used. On one tab, several command lines can be opened at once.

For the convenience of developers, Microsoft has provided the ability to use numerous settings. Windows Terminal supports DirectX based GPU text rendering. It displays text characters, glyphs, and characters available on the computer, including CJK ideograms, emojis, Powerline characters, icons, and programming ligatures.

You can now download Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store, and the source code for the application is on GitHub. Regular monthly updates start in July 2020.
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