Jet Car Bloodhound SSC accelerates to 537 km / h

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The first full-fledged cars appeared at the beginning of the 19th century and could accelerate to a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour. There are now vehicles worldwide that can travel up to 490 kilometers in an hour if needed. And that's not all. That's why the American company Bloodhound wants to accelerate its own jet to the speed of sound for more than ten years. Recently, she was one step closer to achieving her goal – the Bloodhound LSR she developed successfully accelerated to 537 km / h. In the near future, the company will double this value and accelerate the car to near supersonic speeds in excess of 1227.9 km / h.

After Bloodhound was saved from bankruptcy, the car was painted in new colors

Bloodhound's story is not perfect. In 2018 she had a big problem: she lost all her money and was about to close. However, the British businessman Ian Warhurst quickly noticed the developers of the fastest car in the world and made the necessary investments in the project. Finally, the work on the creation of a nozzle car was resumed. An attempt to accelerate the car to record speeds was scheduled for October 2019. To everyone's surprise, the company did not exceed the deadlines and recently demonstrated the capabilities of Bloodhound LSR in the African Kalahari Desert.

The car is equipped with a jet engine Eurojet EJ200

The fastest car in the world

According to New Atlas, about 16,500 tons of soil were mined and a trace of the bottom of a dried salt lake laid before the start of the tests. First, the car drove along the road at a measured speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Then the pilot made a race at a speed of 321 kilometers per hour. The third time, the driver made a 12-second warm-up and accelerated from a standstill to a speed of 537 kilometers per hour. This is a very good indicator for Bloodhound LSR, but the team does not want to stop here.

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Did you know the speed with which the fastest ants in the world develop?

Over the next four weeks, the car will race again and gradually increase its speed by 80 km / h. Ultimately, the company wants to reach speeds of more than 800 kilometers per hour this year. The absolute speed record of 1227.9 kilometers per hour is to be broken in 2020 – it is not yet known what speed the car can reach.

How does a car behave at high speed?

The fastest car is powered by the Eurojet EJ200 engine, which is normally installed in military aircraft. It itself resembles an airplane – this form is to reduce the air resistance. It is well known that at high speeds, aluminum alloy and zirconium alloy wheels are easily released from the ground, making driving extremely difficult. That's why a driver named Andy Green has been selected as a pilot with experience in handling high-speed vehicles.

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It was this man in 1997 who accelerated the Thrust SSC car to a speed of 1227.9 kilometers per hour, which was unthinkable at the time. It turns out that the driver will try to break his own record in 2020. For this he needs maximum concentration and reaction, because driving at supersonic speed is like driving on smooth ice.