Is working with PDF difficult? Try this app

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Many of us need to work with documents in PDF format in one way or another. One is needed in the office, others just prefer to exchange PDF documents, as this is convenient and economical in traffic consumption. The problem is that you have to upload a round sum to edit a PDF file, as most free applications are limited to the display function only.

PDFelement – a powerful combine harvester for working with PDF

The application PDFelement 7 solves this problem and costs much less than analogues. It is definitely worth giving a chance. Yes, this is the very popular PDF program that performs tasks such as editing PDFs and adding annotations, extracting data from PDFs, and combining multiple documents. It was updated to the seventh version this year and made available on the Mac App Store, making it even easier to get to know. In addition, the user interface has undergone significant changes – now it is just like Microsoft Word for PDF.

You can work with PDF directly from the main page.

You can use the navigation elements on the left to navigate within the document. They are responsible for quick access to the editing of texts, images, links, forms and other tools. When formatting or browsing a document is required, bookmarks, thumbnails, and comments are displayed in the right pane. There is still no heap of interface elements. Everything is clear, comfortable and clear.

The controls are left and right.

As mentioned earlier, PDFelement 7 is not just a utility for changing the letter of a word in a PDF document or inserting an image if necessary. The application can convert files to PDF and vice versa, leave annotations and signatures and export a document in any format. For dessert, the developers left the function of combining PDF documents.

Maybe the application has all the necessary functions

Even the usual PDF editing can be completely different: For example, if you work in the banking sector and need to watermark all documents, you can do so with PDFelement. It also provides the ability to edit images and graphics in your PDF files.

Extended PDF editing is available.

You can set the watermark with one click

Often we are dealing with paper versions of documents, and it does not matter in which field, be it medicine, finance or marketing. All of this will have to be digitized sooner or later, but it's far more convenient to archive in this way. What to do after documents have been scanned? Trust a utility that recognizes text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF. At the exit, we have fully digitized documents, which not only make it easier to work, but also make various edits.

OCR converts images into text format

In addition, the application can automatically detect form fields and extract large amounts of data. If it is a confidential document, you can password protect it using the special feature of the PDFelement program.

To work with forms, developers have added a special section.

There are tools for working with documents

Who needs this app? Yes, to anyone who is somehow connected to the PDF format. For example, medical records are often kept in various formats, financial documents are stored either in .docx or in PDF, and I want to correct everything and bring the system to a common denominator. Even reports that are often submitted in .doc and .docx formats can be translated to PDF if you have such a tool at hand.

PDFelement is available for both Windows and OS X, including the Mac App Store. The last point is very important, as there are no normal utilities for working with PDF on Mac and they look like a Boeing wing. With the trial version, you can familiarize yourself with the functionality of the application, which can then be easily used for personal and business purposes.

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