Is it possible to get infected with a Chinese virus through a package with AliExpress?

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The world is caught up in massive hysteria over the 2019 nCoV corona virus. Now literally everyone is writing about it and we are on the pages of our site. People didn't even remember his name, just called him "the Chinese virus", but they are very afraid of it. For this reason, many do not even want to order packages from AliExpress. In a way, they're even right. Now it is really dangerous to place such orders. But, as they say, this danger has crept in where they have not waited. Nevertheless, there is a persistent question whether it is possible to buy covers, cables and other small things there that we are so used to. We will answer this question and put forward arguments.

Should I be afraid of packages from China?


1 What can I order from AliExpress?
2 Is the virus dangerous when you order from AliExpress?
3 AliExpress delivery time during an epidemic?
4 How do you protect yourself from the virus?
5 should I order on AliExpress?

What can I order from AliExpress?

Although I wrote above that you can order cables and covers from Alik, we all understand that the product range on this website is much wider. There is literally everything. For example, the other day I came across a finished fireplace for several hundred thousand rubles.

In addition to household items that everyone needs, many order goods there that help them make money. This is especially true for masters who deal with repairs and ordering various consumables, as well as masters who are used to doing handicrafts, including customized ones. Despite the large number of themed shops, many are used to ordering the materials they need from China.

Some background information: What is a virus and why do scientists breed it?

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Someone buys headphones, smartphones, tools, housewares and much more. That is why the question “Can I order on AliExpress now” sounds more and more often. People are unwilling to give up their habits or simply cannot find analogues in their city for normal money.

Is the virus dangerous when you order from AliExpress?

To answer this question, one has to turn to science. First of all, it is worth remembering what a virus is in general. I would like to remind you that this is a complex life form, the task of which is to insert your DNA into the cell of a living organism or plant. After that, the cell can either die or become the carrier of the virus. If the virus is defeated, it loses its strength, penetrates the body's own DNA and is passed on to other generations.

Does coronavirus infection become an epidemic?

It is clear from what has been said that the virus needs living tissue to exist. He takes protein from it to ensure its activity and to multiply. Most viruses cannot survive a day without a suitable environment. In rare cases, the survival time can be extended to several days. If the subject contains biological traces such as saliva, tissue from a living organism or blood, the lifespan of the virus may increase, but not significantly.

In addition, the “lifespan” of the virus can be affected by changes in temperature, changes in humidity and exposure to chemicals, including those that make up, for example, the packaging of goods. All of this usually has a destructive effect on the virus and shortens its life cycle.

Package from China can be received quickly, but you can wait.

After all that has been said, it can be concluded that the virus, at best, will not survive outside the nutrient medium for more than a week. How often have packages come to you in less than a week? The conclusion is simple – ordering packages from China is pretty safe. At least based on known data. Maybe the virus is mutating, but so far it is exactly as I described it. However, a "but" is still there.

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Some predictions Artificial Intelligence predicted the outbreak of the new corona virus in China

AliExpress delivery time during an epidemic?

Despite the obvious security, you shouldn't be so optimistic and it is worth understanding that you are ordering goods now at your own risk and peril. The virus is still likely to be transmitted, although it is very low. Maybe it is worth waiting for purchases.

In addition, there is another uncomfortable feature in the orders you are now placing. Due to security measures, labor shortages in China and many other factors, the delivery time of goods can be significantly extended. Maybe even up to several months.

There are even cases where Chinese sellers are asked to cancel orders placed in late January because they cannot guarantee the timely delivery of goods. For the seller, these are unnecessary expenses and headaches from disputes and claims that will arise.

Are we talking about whether you will continue to order goods from China?

I can personally confirm delays in the goods. In the first half of December, I ordered a pair of photo accessories that were supposed to arrive in early January and have been hanging in the destination country for a month. One can ask for a long time whether this is related to current events or not, but the fact remains. They also crossed the border after the first infection.

How do you protect yourself from the virus?

If you want to order something from Chinese websites but fear that a virus will get to you along with the package, you can take some security measures. For example, treat the package with antiseptics while performing the procedure with rubber gloves and a mask. This is how you can remove the virus if it still arrives at your post.

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Ordering goods from China now raises many questions.

To protect yourself, all means have already been described in our article. In short, you need to wash your hands, dodge crowded places, and monitor your health. In order not to spread viruses, you need to stay home and be treated at the first signs of the disease. Do not use antibiotics to fight viral diseases. They only make it worse as they do no harm to viruses, but drain the body and kill those who can help fight the SARS agent.

Should I order on AliExpress?

I will not force my opinion on anyone, but since you are reading these lines, I have the right to express them. I would not order anything from Chinese websites now. Nevertheless, there is a risk of infection, albeit insignificantly. But above all, it is a long wait, in which the risk of collision is significantly higher than the risk of getting sick.

Maybe right now I don't have an urgent need that you can only buy there, but I'd better buy it a little more expensive here or wait until it calms down. Then everyone decides for themselves, but the seller's reaction speaks for itself. Something is wrong, even though representatives of the same AliExpress say that everything is OK with them.