Is it possible to develop pills that no longer require morning exercises?

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Almost all of us know about the benefits of morning exercise from childhood, but for some reason we don't. Regular exercise in the morning not only strengthens, but also prevents the development of fatal diseases, including cancer. Many of us can summarize their will and still start the morning exercises, but there are also people who simply don't have the opportunity. These people include elderly people and patients with injuries. Did you know, however, that the benefits of physical exercises can be achieved without them? A new discovery by scientists from the US state of Michigan could be the first step in developing a pill that increases our strength and endurance despite a lack of physical activity.

Sport will no longer be necessary in the future

The new discovery by American scientists was described in the journal Nature Communications. A group of scientists from the University of Michigan studied several years in a row a special class of proteins called sisters. They knew that after physical exercises they accumulate in the muscles of humans and animals and increase strength and endurance. They became interested in the course of the scientific work – is it possible to improve the physical properties of living organisms simply by artificially introducing protein into their muscles? Indeed, it would be cool if a pill could be drunk instead of morning exercises.

Do you know why sport doesn't help you lose weight?

Strength and endurance pills

In order to find out the possibility of producing such pills, scientists carried out a laboratory test with fruit flies. These insects, which fly around plants and fruits in groups, have an interesting feature. Every time they are placed in a container, they try to climb up on the wall and fly out. Knowing this, the scientists have developed a kind of “simulator” for them that shakes the flies down every 15 seconds and lets them rise again and again.

This is what an ordinary fruit fly looks like (Drosophilidae)

Scientists trained three fly groups with this device. The first group was deprived of the ability to father sisters, and people in the second group were able to produce this protein in particularly large quantities. The organisms of the flies of the third group were not subject to any change and produced the substance as usual.

And everyone should play sports, otherwise the human heart is like that of a monkey

After three weeks of training, the scientists found out to what extent physical exercise affected the ability of flies to crawl and fly for a long time. It turned out that the flies in the control group became much stronger and more persistent due to the training. Individuals whose sister production was suspended remained weak. But then flies, in which the sister's concentration was initially high, stood out with amazing physical abilities.

Scientists have come a step closer to developing pills to increase strength and endurance

In subsequent experiments, scientists also introduced the maximum number of sisters in some flies. The substance helped the insects to become masters of strength and endurance, but their skills did not improve during the additional training because the sister's concentration in her muscles was already at the highest level.

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In the end, the scientists decided that the production of tablets to increase the strength and endurance of people is entirely possible. In the future, they want to find out exactly how the protein improves the physical abilities of living organisms and try to develop tablets that are suitable for human consumption. They can be used to prevent muscle atrophy in patients who are hospitalized for a long time.