In Russia showed the first unmanned tractor

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The Russian company Roscosmos, which manages all space projects of our country, presented its first tractor without a driver's cab. It simply is not needed because the car can build its own routes, bypass obstacles and maintain a safe moving speed. According to the developers, they can now teach autonomous driving to almost any agricultural implement – the entire electronics installed in the tractor can be transferred to a combine harvester, for example.

The development of an unmanned tractor was carried out by the Roscosmos Division, Scientific and Production Association of Automatics. The presentation took place within the framework of the exhibition Innoprom-2019, which took place from 8 to 11 July in Yekaterinburg. Representatives of the association showed the public the appearance of the tractor and explained how it is possible to work without a driver.

How does the tractor work?

The new Russian invention lacks the usual cabs, steering wheels and pedals, and there is no room for a person in it. Inside, however, is a device that receives signals from a satellite and specifies with an accuracy of up to 10 centimeters, where the satellite is located. The tractor understands where it is and what surrounds it, and can easily create routes and drive to the location to which it wants to be sent.

At the same time he can maintain a safe movement speed and avoid obstacles. The cameras installed on his body that can detect objects help him to see everything that happens. All information collected during the movement is stored in the memory of the tractor and rarely forwarded to the satellite in later times.

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At the presentation, the company brought only a prototype tractor and could not show how it drives on real roads without driver assistance. At the moment, however, it can not be put on the road alone. The developers admitted that during the tests, the tractor works exclusively under the supervision of a person who prepares an approximate route to it in advance and monitors the correctness of its movement.

Unmanned streetcar

It is noteworthy that this is not Roscosmos' first attempt to manufacture an unmanned vehicle. In March 2019, CEO Dmitry Rogozin announced plans to develop a tram that would autonomously travel on rails and carry out medical examinations for passengers. It will consist of 2-3 cars with Wi-Fi and medical equipment.

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To be honest, the idea seems crazy, and many experts agree. You very much doubt that you can perform blood tests and measure pressure during exercise. In addition, it is unclear who trams are destined for – in the US, mobile buses with medical equipment will support the homeless, but they will not move but will stay in safe places.

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